FWD: black seattle hip-hop artists

Dear black artists,

We regret to inform you that the need for your services will soon come to an end as we enter a critical restructuring period. Fortunately, after having spent nearly a century meticulously studying your art, language, fashion, and lifestyle, we have learned enough to confidently move forward without your assistance. We thank you for your contributions but have decided to make some necessary changes as a result of your decreasing value. Focus groups show that consumers are looking for more relatable images. While 2013 marked the first time in Billboard’s 55 year history that there were no black artists on top of the Hot 100 chart, this was a great year for us with Justin Timberlake, Robin Thicke, and Macklemore claiming the #1 spot on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart, proving that market demands are shifting. Consequently, in the next few months, we will be gradually phasing out your positions as we finalize this reorganization. In the meantime, we ask you to continue with business as usual, training your replacements Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, and others until instructed otherwise.


white artists topped the No. 1 spot on the R&B/Hip-Hop chart in 44 out of the 52 weeks last year.


white…wait. – draw your own conclusion.

in case you didn’t know, White boys BEEN outselling Blacks (in Hip-Hop) since day one.

let’s go back to 1986 – a time that is known as the GOLDEN AGE of Hip-Hop.

this is where a White rap group began to outsell NOTABLE Black Hip-Hop / rap groups for about a solid DECADE.

some of the most MEMORABLE rap albums of ALL TIME were easily outsold by a White rap group.

for example: (they outsold)

it took a DOUBLE ALBUM (10 YEARS later) from two of Hip-Hop’s BEST (R.I.P.) just to TIE the White group in SALES.

in order to make a long story short, just know that the numbers tell the tale…the tale that repeats itself today, even locally. wait, ESPECIALLY locally.

Circa ’86 White groups BEEN dominated the Hip-Hop / rap charts – so let’s not play dumb and act like this is NOT the case – OR – try to JUSTIFY it or downplay it. Eminem took over from there (shortly after) and ran SO FAR ahead of Black artists / rappers (sales-wise) that there’s no logical explanation that doesn’t HEAVILY involve RACE.

it’s WRONG, and more Black people need to know and be clear on the facts – period.

i would hate to be Macklemore


a slap in the face (disgrace) to Hip-Hop, Rap, and Black people around the world.

but you wanna know what?


i would hate to receive awards that i know deep down inside i don’t deserve.

i would hate to see the look in Black people’s eyes that KNOW that i don’t warrant the accolades that i receive(d).

i would hate to say that i’m part of a culture that i HURT more than i HELPED.

i would hate to have to live the LIE that i’m really that good…the LIE that i’m really that great / that genius / that talented; especially in comparison to the originators and current taste makers of the art, genre, and culture.

i would hate to KNOW that my Whiteness and the PRIVILEGE that my Whiteness STILL commands is LARGELY what is responsible for my success.

i would hate to KNOW that Black people are AFRAID to address the BULLSHIT that surrounds my milestone success out of FEAR, MARGINALIZATION, and RETALIATION.

i feel sorry for Macklemore.

if i was Macklemore, i couldn’t TRULY enjoy my success because i know that my success was FOUNDED and DEPENDENT on White PRIVILEGE, White RACISM, and White SUPREMACY.

white people show their ass again…as expected

ONLINE is where the collective White mind does what it does best – BE RACIST.

you can find SEVERAL racist comments made by White people in the comments section of just about ANY website…gaming websites they are racist…news websites they are racist…entertainment websites they are racist…etc.

OFFLINE they are racist.

the typical White person does NOT treat Black people as a fellow AMERICAN citizen.

they typical White person is STILL extremely DEMEANING and PATRONIZING; and rarely makes you feel COMFORTABLE or WELCOME anywhere that you go.

and these latest antics that White people display show their true colors.

now, not EVERY White person is racist, but if the MAJORITY that you interact with in day-to-day life OFFLINE or ONLINE are racist, then the majority rules.

it seems like they will stop at NOTHING to make SURE that you know that they don’t like you AND that they are better than you AND that you don’t ‘belong’ here.

and a recent example of White people proving my point is witnessed here with the comments they made towards a Black professional football player.

their comments are extremely RACIST, UNJUSTIFIABLE, and RIDICULOUS – and should be a clear REMINDER to ALL Black people that SHIT HASN’T CHANGED – they still don’t want to be anywhere around you and just want to unscrupulously PROFIT from your talents and abilities – or copy what you do and make 100 times more off of it than you ever could…OR make a MOCKERY of you every chance that get.

the average White person is what i call “on duty” and salivates over the chance of RUINING your DAY, RUINING your accomplishment or ‘moment’, or even better yet, RUINING YOUR LIFE.

but here are the type of modern comments that these people are making:

Lol don’t mess with Richard Sherman, he will go bananas. Guys a fricken jungle monkey.
— Zack Grenon (@g_g_g_grenon71) January 20, 2014

Fuck u @RSherman_25 u fuckin monkey, can’t wait till Peyton roasts u next week
— Eddie Kaplan (@BruceWayne_II) January 20, 2014

Richard Sherman’s an ignorant ape
— GC (@TropicanaCEO_15) January 20, 2014

Someone put Richard Sherman in an animal hospital because he is a fucking gorilla#noracismintented
— Michael Mortellito (@mmortellito) January 20, 2014

Richard Sherman= typical ni**er#douchebag
— Travis Ozegovich (@TravisOzegovich) January 20, 2014

Richard Sherman = cocky ni**er. #SEAvsSF
— Cody milliken (@cody_milliken) January 20, 2014

Richard Sherman is a ni**er, fuck that.
— Rob Falotico (@Robadob561) January 20, 2014

Fuck u richard sherman u high payed ni**er!
— Levi Henson (@Coondog_Henson) January 20, 2014

every italian 100% hates sherman just because of that interview after the game..typical gorilla ni**er @RSherman_25
— dominick santaniello (@domsantaniello) January 20, 2014

I can’t wait till manning and the rest of the broncos light Richard Sherman up# shut up you dumb ni**er
— Jarrett Galvin (@galv101) January 20, 2014

Richard Sherman deserves to get shot in the fucking head. Disrespectful ni**er.
— Adam Costello (@AdamCostello128) January 20, 2014

Richard Sherman is a straight irrogant ni**er. Manning is going to rip him apart
— Christian Parafati (@C_parafati_one3) January 20, 2014

@RSherman_25 your coach sucks more dick than a porn star. Ni**er your done next year!!!!! I will fuck every kid u ever have! Right in mouth
— Larry (@larryss34) January 20, 2014

Someone needs to introduce Richard Sherman to George Zimmerman. #ThugLifeOver
— Brian Blackwell (@BrianHBlackwell) January 20, 2014

@RSherman_25 no class ni**er. Talking shit about Crabtree, don’t care about the 49ers but fuck you for attacking a single player. Scum.
— larry brown (@larrybr12776538) January 20, 2014

every White person might not be a racist, but if you’re White and you don’t CLEARLY and DEFINITIVELY fight against this type of behavior, then you are just as racist as the perpetrator.

MLK DAY check in


you would think i would be satisfied.

Seattle has a ‘Black’ quarterback and will be playing in the next super bowl.

Seattle has a Black chief of police.

…got a ‘Black’ president…

Seattle ‘Hip-Hop’ is ARGUABLY ‘on the map’ & pot is legal.

sounds like PARADISE, right?

– wrong –

for all of these things that seem like blessings or miracles, something still seems to be amiss.

i feel like POLITICS is playing a major role in today’s society…to the point where i have to ask myself, “IS THIS REALLY REAL?” and who benefits the MOST from these new changes?

it’s so easy NOT to question things…you know?

i almost feel as if people are GROOMED not to question things…not to question ANYTHING…groomed just to work for somebody else and live PASSIVELY…

and i feel like Black people (whom lag behind in so many areas socio-politically) should be asking more questions than ANYBODY.


we just sit back and crumb-snatch.

we ‘stunt’ on other Black people with PENNIES in comparison to WHITE MONEY.

we spin our wheels…arguably have been doing so since civil rights.

so what’s my point?

well, it’s MLK DAY – 2014. so let’s ponder that.

are MLK’s ideals OUTDATED?

or would MLK support Black people with tattoos all over their body and face?

would MLK support Black people smoking ‘LEGAL’ weed?

would MLK support Black same-sex relationships?


so what are we celebrating?


the same RIGHTS that people ‘enjoy’ today are things that MLK was NOT in support of.

so stop being HYPOCRITES – celebrating a man, a day, and a man’s life that you live & believe  CONTRARY to.

i expect White people to have opposing views to MLK – but when BLACK PEOPLE have opposite and contrasting views and / or actions yet CELEBRATE the man? that’s just BULLSHIT.

but these days – in this society – nobody questions tom foolery…we all just go along with the good ‘ole OKIE DOKE.

so enjoy your MLK day you blasphemous hypocrites.

best local project of 2013 / seattle street anthems

if you want some REAL Seattle STREET music…some street ANTHEMS; 206 HUSTLE music…peep THIS:

ya’ll know what to do…download this joint from DATPIFF & support LOCAL HIP-HOP.

this project is actually REFRESHING.

the sound-quality is solid, the production fits the artists, and it sounds DIFFERENT.

there’s plenty of features on here to keep listeners occupied.

it ain’t for EVERYBODY, but for the people that it IS for, it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

i just caught this project…i’m kinda late on it…BUT…this is the what a CLASSIC sounds like…

don’t sleep on SMOKE of F.T.S.