other ‘minorities’

it’s probably about time that i put this out there…

it actually gets on my nerves when other minorities come out here and think that they are better than Black people…like – these same people – wouldn’t be here at ALL (generally speaking) if it wasn’t for Black people fighting for civil rights. these people wouldn’t be here at all either if it wasn’t for the COUNTLESS loss of Native American lives as well…but you know what? these people come over here and don’t do SHIT for Native Americans…they come over here and don’t do SHIT for the ‘Black’ communities that they move into.

somehow, someway, they are instantly able to set up BUSINESS after BUSINESS in the Black community; and thrive.

Black communities are just ‘free-market exploitation’ hubs…see; White communities? you can’t do this in…there will be MAYBE a storefront that is owned and operated by some Asians or MAYBE some Africans or Middle Easterners or whatever…but in Black communities? INNUMERABLE businesses owned by ‘foreigners’.

they come out here and look down on us – they ask, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?” “we just got here and we own multiple businesses AND real property, while you guys had nothing BEFORE we got here and still have nothing AFTER.” “and why do you guys keep getting arrested and getting in trouble at school? WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU PEOPLE??”

what they fail to realize is that their ‘SUCCESS’ was given to them by White America; as in…White America didn’t have a foot in their ass for hundreds of years…White America didn’t use THINK TANKS to rig the game AGAINST the ‘foreigners’…White America didn’t put BRIGHT RED TARGETS on your backs and White America didn’t NEARLY discriminate against you TO THE SAME DEGREE as they did against Blacks.

when i see these people in their 3,000+ sq. ft. houses, with 2 or 3 luxury cars outside, ALL of their kids in college and / or working prestigious jobs, i don’t think, “OMG; THOSE PEOPLE ARE JUST SO SMART AND SO FABULOUS” – naw – i think, “lucky sumbitches, NO REAL HEAT ON YOUR ASSES and all of the heavy lifting was already done by the natives and the blacks; and ya’ll just stroll right in and open up shop like nothing ever happened –

MUST BE NICE to not have a fuckin’ target on your back everywhere you go everyday, isn’t it? next closest thing to White privilege; which you guys will never have – but you’re okay with that, because AT LEAST you’re not Black, right?

(disclaimer) just a minor observation – and i never said “ALL”


One thought on “other ‘minorities’

  1. this is a difficult issue to talk about. the fact is that black americans faced 400 years of terror and slavery, and then 100 years of humiliation and institutionalized racism. the situation now is more multi-faceted, but it’s true that most american blacks have experienced a distinct history compared to a recent immigrant from somalia or kenya. a black american’s skin transmits a different type of meaning than another perhaps immigrant skin of exactly the same hue. because america came to exist in such a horrible past, we are still unpacking this history in 2017. i agree with you about that.

    “other minorities come out here and think that they are better than Black people…
    …they come out here and look down on us – they ask, “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?”

    statements like these can be interpreted as hyperbole, and they feel like a *straw-man* attack on newcomers.
    this attack sets up an enemy that may or may not really be true. are actual people really saying and feeling these things? how can we possibly know?

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