to whoever stole my shit


first of all, i just want you to know that you and whoever was hitting lockers with you is a true BITCH…you punk ass cowards steal shit from people that you don’t even know; you just hit random units that you scope out and it’s as easy as taking candy from a baby; isn’t it? i know that you guys just moved the cameras out of the line of sight of the areas that you motherfuckers were stealing from; you didn’t actually CUT the wires OR damage the cameras in any way, shape, or form…you just break in units by going through the ceilings and busting latches and whatever the fuck else you buster-ass bitches do to steal shit that ain’t yours…again; the definition of a TRUE bitch.

you stole a lot of WORK of mine, bitch…a LOT of files on my desktop computer; my backup hard-drive that i was supposed to send in to get repaired that had ALL KINDS OF TRACKS on it; – you motherfuckers know exactly who i am…you stole my football; my North Face shit, stole all my video shit; all my software, my DJ shit, my mics, my cables, ALL KINDS OF SHIT; and you know this.

but you wanna know something? when i first discovered that my shit got busted into, i knew right there that something bad was gonna happen to someone that was affiliated with you punk BITCHES that stole my shit – and something DID happen.


i was working on a LOT of shit, and when ya’ll stole my shit, that REALLY fucked with me; still does…

and yeah, i seen you BITCHES posting ads on CRAIGSLIST for one of my PIONEER items; real talk…and i came CLOSE to setting you up and handling that shit when i seen your motherfuckin’ ass in PERSON after i verified that the shit you was posting was MY SHIT.

you got real fuckin’ lucky that the stars didn’t align, because if they would have, you probably wouldn’t be reading this shit right now.

you motherfuckers know who i am, you know my real name, my alias, addresses, other little shit i’m into – you motherfuckers stole my drill, ETC.

you motherfuckers ALSO trashed my unit in the process of stealing my shit.

i’m just gonna put it like this

it’s a small world dogg; and certain shit happens at certain times for certain reasons

so just know this

ONE OF THESE DAYS, i’m gonna catch wind on who hit my unit…i’m gonna get a name and a face – i might even bet extra lucky and get other juicy details about you

and you know what? i’m such a nice guy, but the shit is gonna go one of two ways when this shit comes full circle.

but you’re a smart guy; tough guy, right? sneaking into people’s shit while nobody is around? with probably even some help from some other buster that actually works for that lousy-ass company…

like i said, you already got lucky when you stole my shit and even had the nerve to come back for seconds; then you had even more nerve to post one of my things online…that’s already two strikes for you, bro…watch out for that 3rd – – – – – – – – – – –

coldest part is; you sold that shit or traded it or WHATEVER THE FUKC you did with it (PAWNED IT) to motherfuckers that are equally as much of a straight BITCH as you.

so fuck you and any of your punk ass friends that pull bitch-ass pussy storage ‘licks’

i’m not hard to find, dog – but you can keep running and hiding just like the little bitch you are

BUT YOU CAN’T RUN FOREVER DOGG; i promise you that

and if you know ANYTHING about this game; payback and karma is a STRAIGHT BITCH


6 thoughts on “to whoever stole my shit

  1. damn, that sounds like that dj quik story.

    “Cause way back in the day somebody musta wanted me to quit
    Because they broke in my house and cold stole my shit
    They musta thought that I was gonna play the punk role
    Just because my equipment got stole
    But I ain’t going out like no sucker-ass clown
    They found they couldn’t keep a dope nigga down
    So here’s some bass in your face, motherfucker silly sucker-
    Ass clocker, now you’re ducking, cause you can’t stop a brother
    Like the quiksta, because I’m true to the game
    You’re lame, and things ain’t gonn’ never be the same…”

    hope that 2017 is better for you!

    • thanks for the solid words; i’m definitely gonna bounce back.

      i mean, it’s KINDA good that i’m able to get a break and let other SHH (Seattle Hip Hop) flourish and all that, but i felt like i really was catching a groove.

      like, i was posting lots of material and was JUST starting to learn how to mix and get my sound quality better.

      then, BAM

      everything gone.

      then after that, my whole 2016 just snowballed; bad luck, hella struggles, hella details i guess that i just overlooked – that ended me up in my current situation.

      i think that i can come back doper and a lot cleaner; so i’m not really trippin.

      but i DID have a lot of shit that i wanted to go back to and tighten up…

      but you know what though? i really think that life is about what you can come BACK FROM; what you can make it THROUGH…

      real shit

      i mean, my whole life, dogg, it’s been a struggle.

      even back in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, i was embarrassed to have friends from school over because of my living situation.

      shit, if i didn’t grow up so broke, then i would probably be more of a social muhfuggah right now,

      but like i said though, for some people, life is about what you can bounce back from…what can’t STOP you…mashing on cats who think that they’re slick or that they’re getting over or that their bullshit antics are going to pay off for them in the future.

      gotta mash on those cats…

      see, i’ve paid so many dues over the years, that i have a KEEN sense on how this karma shit works…and the coldest part about karma is this; THAT SHIT HITS YOU IN A WAY AND AT A TIME THAT YOU NEVER SEE COMING, AND IT’S TAXES YOU FOR SOMETHING THAT YOU CAN NEVER REPLACE OR REPAIR…it’s DAMAGE.

      those fools stole all of my software; most of it was in it’s original packaging, maad cables, basically my whole studio AND some…

      but it’s coo though…i know a few names that are indirectly involved with the shit, and they are tied in with me on a different level…so those cats are just gonna have to deal with certain shit as it comes to them based on their decisions…

      but at the end of the day, 2016 was just an ill year in general; and i learned a lot of lessons probably the hardest way possible outside of death or dismemberment…

      i’m off to a slow start in 2017, but this shit ain’t OVER…

      but i’ll tell you this; a LOT of people like to try to write me off; they try to play it like they don’t see / hear me – they just want me to fade away so they can get all the accolades; so they can claim my story as theirs…



      MY STORY WILL BE TOLD – – – and my SOUND will be RESPECTED

      nothing will stop the damage; i’ve already slipped through the portal

    • it’s not the tracks so much that are killing me, it’s the sessions; the individual stems / channels.

      i don’t mind starting over; it’s just not what i had planned…i had hella shit that i really wanted to go back and fix up – it was going to display and solidify my newfound understanding of mixing and mastering…BUT – life hit.

      a combination of unfortunate events and circumstances in 2016 – i hate that year – it’s ill because i basically started making beats in 2006, ten years after 1996, then lose all of my shit in 2016 – basically and some 6-6-6 shit, kinda sorta; there might be some kinds theme or bigger picture that i have yet to piece together

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