BLACK, BLUE, ALL… – no lives matter


yeah; i said it.

BLACK LIVES don’t matter because; let’s face it – they never mattered in this country (U.S.A. was founded on Black live and Brown lives NOT mattering; i.e. Black slavery & Brown Native American genocide). NOT TO MENTION the countless number of ‘REAL NIGGAZ’ that already have, will, want to, plan to OR glorify the murdering of another Black person in this country.

BLUE LIVES don’t matter because – LET’S BE REAL – can the average person in society even name 3 police officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty? PROBABLY NOT.

ALL LIVES don’t matter because – IF THEY DID –  then why in the FUKC are there so many homeless people on the streets? (ESPECIALLY IN SEATTLE 2.0) why in the FUKC would there be so many violent crimes? why in the FUKC would so many HATE GROUPS exist? and IF ‘all lives matter’ then why would there be such a wealth gap in society?

‘all lives matter’ is just hyperbole from wannabe politically-correct / fantasy-land-thinking idiots who want others to believe that society is TRULY looking out for people’s best interests.

if you know anyone that believes that ALL LIVES MATTER; RUN – fast…the opposite direction – – – because i’m here to say that NO LIVES MATTER.

think about it

people pass away and WHAT – cats write like a 3 or 4 paragraph summary of your life in an obituary? it’s OFFENSIVE and lame.

NO LIVES MATTER – not yours, not mine – DEAL WITH IT – and happy fukcin’ holidays


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