a LOT has happened since i last posted.

a LOT of racist shit.

so much has happened that it’s not even worth mentioning; because people already know what’s going on out there nationally.

LOCALLY there’s a lot of bullshit happening to.

PERSONALLY i’m going through some shit.

HIP-HOP is STILL going through some shit.

Black people can’t figure out OR agree on OR decide what direction they want to travel in – in UNISON.

and all the while while Black people are getting shot by police, shot by each other, locked away in prison, aborted, and displaced, EVERYBODY ELSE seems to be doing great.

– – –


Seattle isn’t fukcing DIVERSE.


Seattle IS “diverse”  – – – MINUS BLACK PEOPLE.


the truth of the matter is

that NOBODY really wants Black people around.

they don’t want us in ANY neighborhood

they don’t want us in ANY business establishment

they don’t want us in ANY school or institution – BESIDES jail.

they don’t even want us in HIP-HOP anymore.

that’s right.

we are living in the age where a Black Hip-Hop artist IS the ‘odd man out’

nobody wants to REALLY hear what a Black person has to say – even in his own genre.

everybody wants to hear what the WHITE KID has to say, using a Black man’s microphone.

White kids in Hip-Hop really isn’t Hip-Hop DIVERSIFYING…just like moving Black people OUT of Seattle and moving other minorities IN (in our place) isn’t diversifying.

what you have these days is some sort of RE-ORGANIZING.

where White people STILL remain at the top; and everybody else gets SHUFFLED AROUND.

too many Black people are out here OBLIVIOUS to the SHAKE DOWN / SWITCH UP that is taking place these days.

…they are too worried about COON topics (UP TO AND INCLUDING)

  2. GANGS

so a lot of Black people really aren’t even in the race (PUN INTENDED)


we aren’t even on the same page as to WHAT we are fighting for.

all the lines are blurred. there is a lot of confusion.

people are out there acting like class-ism is the new racism; like homophobia is the new racism.

there’s just a lot going on these days…



NOTHING, really.

because at the end of the day, all these emcess are REALLY looking to do is BETTER THEIR OWN CIRCUMSTANCE while only BRIEFLY mentioning the ills of society…LOCAL RAPPERS INCLUDED.

their focus is probably like: 85% themselves 15% actually STANDING FOR SOMETHING.

people in the US and even internationally are acting like WHITE RAPPERS are the CHOSEN ONES with a MESSAGE FORM GOD TO ENLIGHTEN HUMANITY.

at least judging by the UNGODLY AMOUNT OF ‘VIEWS’ that they get – that’s what it seems like.

i’m just wondering AT WHAT POINT did White rappers become GOD-LIKE emcees?

at what point did they just captivate the worlds attention; seemingly running CIRCLES around Black rappers?

honestly – – – at NO POINT.

there’s just been a systematic PUSH to get rid of Black people in a certain context – – – a PUSH to marginalize us even further…a PUSH for us to even prefer to date INTER-RACIALLLY instead of within our race; thus ‘watering us down’….a PUSH for us to adopt the homosexual lifestyle…thus slowing down our population count over time.

these days, if you even STAND UP FOR Black people, they call you a RACIST.

if you stand up for NOBODY but YOURSELF; they call you an entrepreneur.

if you stand up for EVERYBODY, they call you a HERO – – – because they know that your focus is DIVIDED and your PLATE IS TOO FULL.

it’s just a strange time to be living…a time where society doesn’t makes sense, and people’s priorities are vanity-based OR unfocused; scattered about many different ‘movements’ prioritizing NONE.

and then we die and then everything we stood for is just forgotten and swept under the rug.

i’m still trying to figure out the point of life and why certain races have seem to have gotten away with injustice and genocide…but as much as i meditate on those questions, i have yet to receive an answer.

until next post…


7 thoughts on “STATUS UPDATE

  1. “everybody wants to hear what the WHITE KID has to say, using a Black man’s microphone.”

    it’s ironic that your post coincides with the release of 2 macklemore records all over seattle radio stations, and not just the hip hop ones.
    it would be so much more representative of real hip hop to have the towers broadcasting high expectations by jarv dee.

    “these days, if you even STAND UP FOR Black people, they call you a RACIST.”

    that definitely happened to marissa and mara in westlake center at the bernie sanders rally.


    when i listen to chuck d or tribe the answer to this question is obvious. the greats always teach you while they entertain. the new generation? real gurus are few and effin far between…

  2. “it would be so much more representative of real hip hop to have the towers broadcasting high expectations by jarv dee”


    the majority of White people out there could CARE LESS about “REAL” Hip-Hop.

    the majority of White people out there could CARE LESS about Hip-Hop PERIOD.

    all that the majority of White people want to hear and see and SUPPORT is one of their own – REGARDLESS of the cultural implications and drawbacks that are sustained.

    White people are TOO BUSY LIVING IN THEIR OWN LITTLE BUBBLES to really give a shit about anyone else’s culture or art.

    all they want to do is make it SEEM like Macklemore (AND OTHER WHITE RAPPERS) are so much more:

    3: VERBOSE
    5. GENIUS

    than any Black rapper past, present, or future.

    it’s the most insane version of ‘reality’ that i’ll ever bear witness to on this planet in this existence as a human being.

    the VANITY, the SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, and the EGO of these White ‘fans’ (and artists) is nothing more than a TWILIGHT ZONE / ALTERNATE REALITY.

    it can only be described as ROT.

    and they just don’t care as long as it’s a means to their own ends.

    – – –

    the majority of Black people are TOO CHICKEN SHIT to say what’s really going on


    the majority of White people are too busy “innocently” hijacking other people’s cultures, ideas, and even land to know or even be AWARE of anything outside of that.

    – – –

    • i’ll be making a comeback soon; LIFE has hit me with a few unpredictable twists of fate…but it ain’t over until it’s fukcin’ OVER

  3. i’m tired…

    tired of the same shit…

    same agendas, same frequencies, same topics, same bigotry, same discrimination, same selfishness, same fear, same ignorance, same corniness, same privilege, same poverty, same news stories, same egos, same pride, same mentalities…

    i’m just losing the POINT of shit…losing the angle…losing the silver lining…

    i hate what people have turned into in society – AS FAR AS – everyone trying to get over on someone…i hate the fact that people are operating on a MUCH lower level mentally and spiritually than humans potentially can.

    i’m tired of people ONLY being able to do so much in life…AS FAR AS…nobody can fix the RACISM, GREED, and just overall shadiness of the SYSTEM…

    I wish more Black people were police…then i would actually feel like when i encounter an officer, that the officer isn’t AUTOMATICALLY ‘afraid’.

    i hate that police background checks and screening and POLYGRAPHS don’t have a section on RACIST beliefs and values…

    like, a lot of shit could be AVOIDED if racists weren’t hired in the first place.

    a lot of shit could be avoided with BLACK ASSES if they thoroughly UNDERSTOOD that the system in GENERAL doesn’t want anything to do with them and DOES NOT want to see them 1. ALIVE – 2. WELL – and 3. PROSPEROUS. – – – AND if the Black asses acted accordingly and did EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER to be 1. ALIVE – 2. WELL – and 3. PROSPEROUS regardless of the MACHINE that wants to deliver them directly to the den of hell or cell.

    i’m tired of waiting for the ANSWER to the meaning of life and other similar questions, and NEVER getting an answer…

    i’m tired of the uncertainty…i’m tired of the RACKET, the pyramid scheme…

    i’m tired of incorrect political correctness…

    i’m tired of just going through the motions…

    i’m tired of nothing really changing for the better…

    i’m tired of only one group of people getting practically everything handed to them.

    and i’m tired of those same people claiming that they worked so hard – they never had the same type of OBSTACLES / problems…

    i’m tired of the good White people being so outnumbered by the bad ones…

    i’m tired of the bad Black people being viewed as the STANDARD.

    i’m tired of what the system has done to my family…

    i’m tired of the BS that my parents have faced; the injustice, the targeting, the setting up for failure, and the daily disrespect and blatant systematically enabled racism.

    i’m tired of the NEXT THING that Black people make up that gets stolen and co-opted by White people.

    i’m tired of White people making mockeries of everything / anything Black.

    i’m tired of Black people praying to a White Jesus STILL TO THIS DAY.

    i’m tired of White people buying up everything; tired of the machinery that gives them that leverage for LIFE.

    i’m tired of Black people being petty…

    i’m tired of Black people always looking at my SHOES.

    i’m tired of not feeling safe around White people, White police, and Black people.

    i’m tired of Africans being so aloof.

    i’m tired of Asians that don’t address racism even though i’m SURE that they experience a LOT of it.

    i’m tired.

    i’m tired of WRITING knowing that Black people don’t READ.

    i’m tired of Black people STILL not knowing that this shit is a GAME…everything…it’s all money and politics and charades…

    i’m tired of light skinned women automatically thinking that they are better catches than the dark skinned women…

    i’m tired of the Black asses that chase light skinned women exclusively and act like it’s the thing to do.

    i’m tired of when people pass away, that their ENTIRE LIFE is summarized in A FEW PARAGRAPHS.

    i’m tired of so many Black athletes being afraid to speak.

    i’m tired of some many people in GENERAL being afraid to speak.

    i’m tired of business owners who underpay their employees.

    i’m tired of corporations that underpay their employees.

    i’m tired of everyone being scared to DEATH of White people; but nobody says anything about it.

    i’m tired of the White people that actually REVEL in the fear that everyone has of them.

    i could keep going, man…

    i’m just tired.

  4. so many people are praying for the recount in the rust belt right now to deliver us from evil…

    but not me. not at all.
    i hate the recount.

    the recount is based on a white dream that maybe, just maybe america isn’t a racist monolith.

    the white dream that maybe it was cheating that elected a racist political arsonist.

    the white dream that america couldn’t possibly be so racist as to support the hatred that has flowed freely over the past year.

    well, the truth hurts, someone wise once uttered.

    america is a racist meat grinder, and anyone saying all lives matter is just taking their turn at the grisly crank.

    so is there hope???

    “i’m tired of when people pass away, that their ENTIRE LIFE is summarized in A FEW PARAGRAPHS.”

    life on this tiny life boat earth will never be understood by those going thorough it.

    we see reality only in blurs, in hints, in whispers.

    but please know this.

    none of us will ever understand the implications of our own lives.

    we will never now who we really touched.

    we will never know how we shaped our workplaces, our schools, and our homes.


    and that’s why i want to tell you again, that i cherish the discussions and the thoughts that you sired and released into the world.

    it’s not about me, and it’s not about you.

    this is not flattery, this is not condescension, this is fact.

    the artist who creates in secret is the most powerful artist of all, because there is only pure signal, and no noise.

    this week millions of dollars of priceless punk artifacts were burned by the person that owned them in a profoundly meaningful act of resistance.

    do not glorify immolation. only know that those few paragraphs will contain but a fragment, a grain, a very speck of that entire life.

    that final profane obituary that we each must face, that one may obsess over if one wishes to, is meaningless.

    i just want to express as simply as possible that your music and your words need to be heard.

    from 2012 to 2101 and far far beyond, you have touched at least one person.

    yes, i live in seattle, and yes i am just another washed up hip hop music reviewer, and so yes i am the immediate target audience for your art, but i am also the universal human. i also have dreams and hopes. and YOU HAVE TOUCHED ME.

    in ways that i still do not understand…

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