can’t say that ya’ll ain’t been warned…but niggaz don’t listen…

Mac Dre – Pawns in the game (1992)

I did 5 years in the pen the whole time I was in
I stayed soaking up game and steady pushing my pen
I read about shit I never knew existed
Before I went to jail I had the whole thing twisted
But now I know and I’m finna expose
What really goes on behind closed doors
Them devils got a plot that’ll shock the nation
To control black power and population
Snake mother****as been running the game
That all started off with crack cocaine
They flooded neighborhoods where the black folks dwell
And got everybody using and trying to sell
When drug dealing increased then the killings increased
Then more young black brothers came up deceased
Senseless violence invaded the streets
They had us killing each other but we couldn’t peep
We was pawns in the game that the fools created
And this is what they did to keep things shaded
In 1985 they launched the War on Drugs
Claiming to get rid of all the killers and thugs
But this was Phase 2 of a fat plan
To control the population of the black man
Even back then, it didn’t seem right
When them racist police got the green light
In Chicago, Miami, Atlanta GA
Little Rock, Louisville and the OAK
New York, Minnesota, and all them places
Young brothers got stuck with dope cases
To the public they looked like heroes
While young brothers looked like zeroes
They took black men from black ladies
Cuz with less black men
There’s less black babies ain’t it shady?
It gets way deep
Phase 3 is the plan to keep us off the streets
They stuck us in jail and said now that we got y’all
Let us introduce you to this crack law
Now everybody know where the crack is
In them ghetto neighborhoods where the blacks live
Crack is coke cooked with baking soda
But no matter how you cook it, it’s still yola
But the courts got laws that punish folks
A 100 more times than powdered coke
You ask why? Well I’m goin’ tell it
They charge more for crack
Cuz black folks sell it
Is it justice or is it just us?
And them devil mother****ers against us
Our future lawyers and presidents
Got cold prison cells for residence
And them young black souljas with brave hearts?
Is filling up the jails and the grave yards
And the black queen? She also losing
Because she turn to theft and prostitute
To support a habit that’s part of a plan
To regulate the status of the black man
Will it change or will we all remain
Some mother****ing pawns in this game?


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