R.I.P. The Jacka


7 thoughts on “R.I.P. The Jacka

  1. fyle,

    congrats on the relaunch, the world needs haywire, even if it doesn’t know it yet.

    i have a confession.
    a while back we had a thread about conspiracy le.
    you said something about you weren’t sure how to use the beat.
    i said it was my favorite.

    when i finished a series of 18 videos, i needed music for intro and outro.
    i plugged conspiracy le in as a placeholder, and soon i felt it fit the project.

    i asked if you wanted to somehow license it, but we never communicated.
    you went offline early in 2014, so i wasn’t sure how to proceed.
    i dropped the videos on youtube, just to get a response from friends and family on my video editing skills.

    so here is my point. if you want me to pull the videos because it has your track, i’m cool with that. the vids are an art school/film school project that came about due to police brutality.

    novocaine/hamock myson

  2. “the world needs haywire, even if it doesn’t know it yet”

    i appreciate that…but that’s not the reality of the situation.

    the ‘world’ already has a vision; and sadly, that vision doesn’t include the presence of Black people.

    the posts that i make fall on deaf ears…

    White ears are deaf because the small percentage of White people that act like they actually CARE only care to a point…and they have their OWN loyalties and agenda that they want to see through to the end. The other set of deaf White ears are the racist / prejudice White people; and the ‘neutral’ White people…the former would like to see Blacks wiped from the face of the earth and the latter are actually on the fence / indifferent.

    as far as deaf Black ears; that’s nothing new. Black people are brainwashed to the point that we have NO IDEA who has our best interest in mind anymore…we quarrel and squabble amongst each other, and have no unified vision on where we are going from where we currently are.

    in other words – White people are either indifferent or racist and Black people are ignorant, confused, and superficial.

    so as far as the WORLD is concerned…the world doesn’t need HAYWIRE…the world can’t serve two masters…and it’s been clear for quite some time what direction the WORLD is heading in.

  3. “…You could hear that he loved his black people first and foremost, never judging anyone for doing what they had to do to survive, be they his fellow block-bred hustlers, crack fiends, prostitutes, or his own broken family. On “Iller Clip,” he rapped about his father being locked up for a lot of his life: “My pops served 15 years/Felt like 60/Even though you had to ride that one out/You still wit me.” His father was later killed, just as Jacka’s grandfather had been. Also gunned down in Oakland was Huey P. Newton—this context is important in a country that hunted down and broke down the Black Panther Party for self-defense, that flooded crack into those communities the BPP tried to protect, decimating black families. RIP to the Dopest Forreal.”

  4. “those debates on here kept me sane over the last few years”

    no worries, man…with the current state of flux that we are all in as a society right now, it’s important to find sanity wherever we can.

    so much unpredictability and backstabbing these days; along with jealousy, envy, racism…it’s really just a lot to deal with.

    on top of the fact that Hip Hop isn’t doing it’s job anymore…and is just leading the youth further and further away from the truth.

  5. “decimating black families”

    see…and that’s the thing.

    it’s not a secret that that’s what’s going on.

    Black people are on limited time; and it seems like we’re the only ones that don’t know that; while everybody else is either indifferent or complicit.

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