“The Hood Ain’t The Same”


3 thoughts on ““The Hood Ain’t The Same”

  1. i went down to mohai to see the panel on gentrification this past saturday.
    draze was real cool and down to earth, we got to talk about his work with vitamin, and his thoughts on rap in seattle.
    it was a day of learning and conversation.

    • i think that’s fresh, man.

      i’m glad that there is an active discussion going on about that particular topic.


      i feel like it’s too little, too late…and Black people are too disenfranchised AS A WHOLE to even put up any kind of legal and professional opposition to being booted out of historically Black neighborhoods.

      same thing is happening with Hip-Hop.

      Black people are slowly being escorted out of that sphere as well.

      just like Draze said in his song about Garfield having an all White basketball / football / track team in the somewhat near future; – – – the same dynamic will exist in Hip-Hop…where Black people will just be reminiscent afterthoughts…mere images and soundtracks in museums for White people to casually observe while passing by.

      Black people (and Hip-Hop) are in DENIAL about becoming marginalized into oblivion AS A WHOLE…even though EVERYWHERE we turn, we see it left and right.

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