…more hypocrisy…


isn’t it funny how White people wanna call grown Black men BOY every chance they get – but can’t WAIT to charge (in criminal court) Black YOUTH / adolescents as MEN / adults??


3 thoughts on “…more hypocrisy…

  1. What I find hypocritical is how often Black men address my (pale skinned yet descended of slaves) man as “boss.” UGH! Racism isn’t pretty no matter what color your skin is. Drawing these “white people” vs “black people” lines only perpetuates inequality.

    • ““white people” vs “black people” lines only perpetuates inequality”


      Black people are just VENTING because of all the shit we went through and are STILL going through.

      Black people and ESPECIALLY Native American people have the RIGHT to feel however they want to feel about White people; due to past AND present wrongdoings.

    • right.

      because White people face SYSTEMATIC racism on a daily basis that ruins their lives, their offspring’s lives, and they get shot in the streets like dogs by the police on a regular basis.

      Black people’s FRUSTRATION isn’t the same thing as RACISM.

      White people (by and large) aren’t here to SOLVE racism…they would rather say that BLACKS are the racists; the problem – White people love to use reverse psychology and claim that they are the true victim.

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