MLK DAY check in


you would think i would be satisfied.

Seattle has a ‘Black’ quarterback and will be playing in the next super bowl.

Seattle has a Black chief of police.

…got a ‘Black’ president…

Seattle ‘Hip-Hop’ is ARGUABLY ‘on the map’ & pot is legal.

sounds like PARADISE, right?

– wrong –

for all of these things that seem like blessings or miracles, something still seems to be amiss.

i feel like POLITICS is playing a major role in today’s society…to the point where i have to ask myself, “IS THIS REALLY REAL?” and who benefits the MOST from these new changes?

it’s so easy NOT to question things…you know?

i almost feel as if people are GROOMED not to question things…not to question ANYTHING…groomed just to work for somebody else and live PASSIVELY…

and i feel like Black people (whom lag behind in so many areas socio-politically) should be asking more questions than ANYBODY.


we just sit back and crumb-snatch.

we ‘stunt’ on other Black people with PENNIES in comparison to WHITE MONEY.

we spin our wheels…arguably have been doing so since civil rights.

so what’s my point?

well, it’s MLK DAY – 2014. so let’s ponder that.

are MLK’s ideals OUTDATED?

or would MLK support Black people with tattoos all over their body and face?

would MLK support Black people smoking ‘LEGAL’ weed?

would MLK support Black same-sex relationships?


so what are we celebrating?


the same RIGHTS that people ‘enjoy’ today are things that MLK was NOT in support of.

so stop being HYPOCRITES – celebrating a man, a day, and a man’s life that you live & believe ¬†CONTRARY to.

i expect White people to have opposing views to MLK – but when BLACK PEOPLE have opposite and contrasting views and / or actions yet CELEBRATE the man? that’s just BULLSHIT.

but these days – in this society – nobody questions tom foolery…we all just go along with the good ‘ole OKIE DOKE.

so enjoy your MLK day you blasphemous hypocrites.


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