this joint is actually fresh

it got that old-skool type of vibe to it:


3 thoughts on “this joint is actually fresh

  1. first track:

    his topics were very cliche, but the delivery is original.
    not quite punchlines but more like where krit is coming from.
    feeling the beat most of all, that gets so hype…

    second track:

    same kind of cliche topics. i want to hear him on some other stuff.
    also again, dude is flowing. i like the word choice and the way he puts it together.
    i want to hear him on some eccentric kool keith shizzle

    • second track: “never tell a nigga what you got & what’s in the plans – no matter how you break it down – they don’t understand”

      this line was GOLDEN.

      i feel like this is kinda where society as a whole is right now; transcending race…transcending gender.

      it’s crazy because it’s not even that people don’t understand – it’s more JEALOUSY, ENVY, and SELF-AGGRANDIZEMENT that is at play.

      but at the end of the day, i basically agree.

      why waste time telling people your dreams and goals?

      it’s best to just keep it to yourself and work on accomplishing your goals one by one.

      in some cases, sharing is NOT caring.

      • “transcending race‚Ķtranscending gender”

        as far as not applying to just niggaz.

        for example – i wouldn’t tell a White woman what i have or what my plans are either.

        either way, that was a line FOR Black people, BY Black people; in comparison to WHITE-RAP (POP by default).

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