i’m still tripping that I-522 failed

today is a VERY sad, sad day.

it turns out that INITIATIVE 522 MISERABLY FAILED in Washington State; meaning that G.M.O. (genetically modified ORGANISM) foods DO NOT have to be labeled.

today is the day that underscores the DOLLAR > HUMAN society that we live in…that we have BEEN living in…

for HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people (mainly White people) to vote DOWN a measure like that is unbelievably wicked, greedy, and evil.

to actually and basically ‘OKAY’ the feeding of EXPERIMENT / LAB FOODS to UNKNOWING, UNSUSPECTING, and TRUSTING (and disproportionately Black / Brown) men, women, and CHILDREN is beyond comprehension.

people mine as well just be LAB RATS…i mean, we all are eating LAB FOODS and are basically all in a RAT RACE for CHEDDAR, CHEESE, and GRITS (all G.M.O., btw).

i grew up routinely hearing the phrase, “HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY”…somebody forgot to tell me that the main exception to that rule was when MONEY is involved.

you are what you eat.

and FUKC the ‘majority’ of Washington State for voting that shit down…you fukcing BASTARDS.


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