any white person that signs up for obamacare is white trash.

it’s true.

White people have all the luxuries they need in this country.

1. they get the benefit of the doubt in ANY situation / debate with a Black person.

2. they have an agenda that most of them stick to and knowingly (sometimes unknowingly) live by.

3. White households FINANCIALLY run CIRCLES around Black households.

4. they calcify Black neighborhoods, buy up the property for dirt cheap, raise rents and property taxes, and gentrify what used to be known as a Black neighborhood.

5. they are the main race attending universities, they are the main race attending professional sports games, they are the main race residing in ‘nice’ neighborhoods, ETC.

…i could go on FOREVER…

so with all that being said, when you’re White, you are GENERALLY born into the lap of luxury (lap of WHITE PRIVILEGE)…meaning that any GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED PROGRAM that you sign up for is just another way you TAKE what a Black person (or other person of color) really NEEDS…just because you can.

ya’ll already got EVERYTHING and still ain’t fukcin’ happy when a Black person gets a LITTLE BIT of something…naw…ya’ll gotta have in on that too…smfh.

just let people get their little bit of coverage FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THEIR LIVE’S and STFU for a while…damn.

ya’ll always bitchin’ and complaining and never FIXING shit FOR THE PEOPLE THAT NEED IT MOST.


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