white people, hip-hop, & reparations

WHITE artists

WHITE producers

WHITE dj’s

should ALL G.T.F.O. of HIP-HOP if they don’t OPENLY and ACTIVELY support REPARATIONS for Black people (or any other ‘movement’ that is designed to restore, support and / or strengthen Black people as a whole)

again, ya’ll claim ya’ll love HIP-HOP so much, but NEVER wholeheartedly support Black PEOPLE in their struggle for equality.

if you don’t SUPPORT US, then why should we let you claim and / or BENEFIT from our culture?

but ya’ll don’t REALLY wanna rally behind THE PEOPLE…all ya’ll wanna do is just be ‘cool’, ‘trendy’, and in the ‘in’ crowd.

the fact of the matter is this – even if ya’ll say ya’ll love / live this shit, ya’ll only got ONE FOOT in this shit…which basically makes you a POSER.


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