‘Benaissance’ man:

where’s ‘the scene’?

shouldn’t ‘the scene’ be BOOMING nationally? world-wide?

hasn’t Seattle contributed one of the MOST lyrical, charismatic, smart, likable, forward-thinking, open-minded, heartfelt, ‘conscious’, genius AND White rappers EVER?

and shouldn’t that White rapper be galvanizing the frail exoskeleton that is otherwise known as SEATTLE HIP-HOP?


i move that SEATTLE is STILL not ‘ON THE MAP’.

ON THE MAP doesn’t mean that you have ONE ‘artist’ (gimmick) with critical acclaim and national attention.

ON THE MAP actually has to INCLUDE Black people…FOR THE RECORD.

and is it even SANE to believe that a White rapper can LEAD Seattle HIP-HOP out of exile?


Seattle Hip-Hop is dead WITH THE EXCEPTION of a few HANGERS-ON that are in denial because they still have yet to get their own 5 minutes of fame.


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