so f’n uninspired lately

i should enter this…i really should.

but you know what?

HIP-HOP is STALE right now…probably MORE STALE THAN EVER at this point in my life.



it’s so corny and RACE-BASED.

it’s so EMPTY.


there’s really NOTHING inspiring in today’s Hip-Hop.

matter of fact, it’s SO BAD that i hate to even say that i’m a part of this culture.

a culture that i once held so near and dear to my heart; in shambles.

it’s really a shame how something you loved at one time can become something you hate within only a handful of years.

i’m tired of the White rappers;  i really am.

i’m even MORE tired of the Black ones.

i’m tired of the female emcess filling the female youth’s mind with POLLUTANTS and CONTAMINANTS.

i’m so sick of Hip-Hop right now that i don’t even wanna hear it.

my inbox on SoundCloud is OVERLOADED with tracks that i’m simply UNINTERESTED in hearing.

is this just a phase that i’m in?

or was Hip-Hop the phase?



3 thoughts on “so f’n uninspired lately

  1. the fact that you even made this post inspires me.

    obviously the contest is geared toward commercial sounding beats.
    and i doubt very highly that fyle has a bunch of ditc bangers ready to hit kube.

    your stuff is too highly evolved for this type of event.

    but god damn, that would be so sweet to hear your stuff at nectar.
    you already have at least one fan right here.

    i realize that most people will never appreciate the music that you make…

    • “the contest is geared toward commercial sounding beats.”

      which is part of the PROBLEM with this Hip-Hop shit…FACILITATING the EXACT DISEASE that has INFECTED Hip-Hop in the first place.

      everywhere i turn, i’m running into more and more BULLSHIT that is CAMOUFLAGED as Hip-Hop.

      i’m tired of the White rappers and their GIMMICKS.

      i’m tired of the Black rappers and their MONOTONY.

      how did we get into this mess?

      lack of STANDARDIZATION.

      lack of CONSCIOUSNESS.

      lack of PRIDE.

  2. well, put yourself in the shoes of a rock and roll fan who started listening to rock in the 60’s
    you get some crazy experimentation all through the decade.

    rolling stones
    the list goes on.

    then through the 70’s it splinters more, but you can still keep the old rock and roll sound if you want.
    but for those who were willing to accept a [broader] definition of what rock and roll was, there were other opportunities to hear. groups that were crossing electronic sounds into their joints. groups that were metal and had no melody at all, and everything in between.

    true rock and rollers would reject some of these more modern sounding acts. right?

    then by the 80’s it was all bon jovi this and def leppard that, and what was a true rock and roller to do?
    listen to bruce springsteen, i guess?
    was there any real definition of [rock n roll] by the middle of the eighties?
    i argue there was not.

    so here is the point.
    put yourself in the rock and roll fan’s mind, to understand what it’s like to be a hip hop fan in 2013…

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