open letter to white rappers, producers, and D.J.’s (ZimmermanZ)

straight to the point.

White rappers that don’t WRITE, ADDRESS, or RAP about SPECIFIC issues that negatively affect / impact BLACK PEOPLE  don’t have the RIGHT to claim that they:

1: ARE Hip-Hop

2: LOVE Hip-Hop



any (all) White rapper(s) from this point on that fail to address INJUSTICES that BLACK PEOPLE face on a DAILY BASIS are hereby branded as ZIMMERMANZ.

ya’ll wanna know why ya’ll AIN’T HIP-HOP and should have ya’ll’z PASSES revoked from Hip-Hop?

because ya’ll play the SIDELINES.

When a majority WHITE jury acquits  the murderer of a BLACK CHILD and you White rappers don’t say shit (ON THE RECORD) – you don’t deserve to be called HIP-HOP.

ya’ll don’t LIVE this shit.

ya’ll don’t BREATH this shit.

ya’ll don’t DIE by this shit.

all ya’ll do is POSE this shit.

ya’ll FRONT this shit.

ya’ll wanna talk about how ya’ll so down with Hip-Hop and this and that, but ya’ll ain’t down with BLACK PEOPLE…

as in

ya’ll ain’t down with the STRUGGLE.

ya’ll ain’t down for us.

ya’ll don’t ride for us.

ya’ll just swagger-jack our music and culture without paying any DUES.

ya’ll don’t gotta worry about being shot down by a “CREEPY ASS CRACKA”…now do you?

ya’ll don’t gotta worry about being labeled as SUSPICIOUS any and EVERYWHERE you go…now do you?

ya’ll don’t face the HARDSHIPS that Black people endure on a REGULAR and FREQUENT basis…now do you?

how you gonna have NO STRUGGLE…and STAND FOR NO STRUGGLE…but say you HIP-HOP?

you AIN’T Hip-Hop.

you’re just another White rapper that plays the NEUTRAL ZONE.

you “rap” for a majority White audience at your shows.

you take our shit but leave us with the STRUGGLE part.

ya’ll got ONE FOOT IN and ONE FOOT OUT with this shit.


all them cats just sit back and swear up and down that they are HIP-HOP – but ya’ll don’t stand up FOR THE PEOPLE THAT CREATED this shit.

ya’ll don’t stand up for the people that SUFFERED to bring the gift of HIP-HOP to the world.

all ya’ll really do is “ACT BLACK” (as in ILLEGITIMATELY repping our shit) for a couple of minutes ON STAGE and IN THE STUDIO or DURING INTERVIEWS.

ya’ll puttin’ on that BLACK-FACE, huh? and cashing in on that, ain’t you?


because if you don’t represent the people that BIRTHED this shit, you ain’t nothing but a FRAUD. a fraud that PLAYS IT SAFE IN THE NEUTRAL ZONE and never calls BULLSHIT on your own people when they are CLEARLY responsible for bullshit.

ya’ll wanna say that ya’ll ride for HIP-HOP, but you really don’t…because ya’ll don’t ride for BLACK PEOPLE.

the two ain’t mutually exclusive.

White rappers out there that just wanna sweep the Zimmerman verdict under the rug and not speak ON THE RECORD about it are IMPOSTERS.

White rappers that rap about every other topic except a BLACK TOPIC are phonies.

i’m tired of ya’ll saying ya’ll down with this shit, but when it’s time to RIDE, ya’ll ain’t nowhere to be found.

R.I.P. Trayvon Martin

FUKC that majority White Jury that acquitted Zimmerman.

and fukc any White rapper that conveniently dodges addressing RACIAL DISPARITIES that Blacks suffer from EVERY DAY, EVERYWHERE WE GO…at work, at school, while traveling, while shopping, ETC.

quit IGNORING OUR REALITY and simultaneously STEALING our culture.

same thing applies to White PRODUCERS and D.J.’s too…BEING Hip-Hop is more than just SAYING that you’re Hip-Hop or DRESSING a certain way.

BEING Hip-Hop is more than having hundreds or thousands of White fans at your shows.

BEING Hip-Hop is more than selling hundreds, thousands, or even millions of records to White fans.


and if you White rappers can’t do those 3 things, then FALL THE FUKC BACK and quit claiming our shit.


FyLe ForMatz


if ya’ll don’t rep / ride for  us when shit gets REAL, then why the fukc should ya’ll have a pass?


if you’re a White rapper and you fail to address the issue of (or any issue related to) White Supremacy, GET THE FUKC OUT OF HIP-HOP…NOW…because you’re a FAKE.


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