10 reasons why i wouldn’t want to be a White rapper

10. i would’ve been an ARGUABLE “factor” (at best) during Hip-Hop’s conception; with my PRESENCE and INFLUENCE highly debatable / disputable.

9. i would NEVER be considered the “GREATEST OF ALL TIME (regardless of how many records i’ve sold, ‘views’ / ‘downloads’ i’ve accumulated OR ‘records’ i’ve broken on the charts.

8. i would be looked at as a “CULTURE BANDIDT” more often than i’m aware of.

7. i wouldn’t be able to actually “ADD” anything SIGNIFICANT to HIP-HOP CULTURE…besides the hackneyed argument that i’m making Hip-Hop ‘more diverse”.

6. i wouldn’t feel good about routinelyAVOIDING”  the truth about RACISM and how it still negatively impacts Black people to this very day; everyday.

5. i wouldn’t want to say that the ‘best’ “OR” ‘most influential’ rapper to me is a White one.

4. my White female counterpart has yet to be taken “SERIOUSLY as a rapper / artist / lyricist.

3. i wouldn’t want to be generally “PROHIBITED” from saying the word, “NIGGA”.

2. i wouldn’t want my RACE to overshadow my SKILL. or; “LOWER THE BAR as far as SKILL or SUBJECT MATTER is concerned.

1. i couldn’t shake the fact that my music would be “TWO-DIMENSIONAL at best…seeming to be the real thing to the untrained eye, but lacking SOUL to make it a complete 360.


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