selectively stupid??


Why do White people play dumb when it comes to Black people (or Black issues) – but play smart when it comes to everything else???


4 thoughts on “selectively stupid??

    • an example is WHITERAP.

      White people seemingly play dumb and act like RACE isn’t a KEY / MAIN / determining FACTOR in Eminem’s or Macklemore’s ‘success’.

      another example is college campuses and sports venues…White people act like it’s not racist that they are the overwhelming majority at either / or facility.

      another example is the Black and Brown prison population…White people will argue that THAT has little to nothing to do with race; and that justice is generally fair and equitable.

      (these examples are all in a ‘GENERAL’ sense.)

      • i think when you say white people, you mean republicans.
        half the white people in the usa have been fighting for more equality since the sixties.

        is that only fifty years?

        but there is not a white ‘consensus’ about the types of issues you gave.

        rush limbaugh and noam chomsky are not of the same ilk.

      • how can White people fight for equality when they’re the ones that basically CREATED inequality in the first place?!?!

        not as many White people are fighting for REPARATIONS as you think.

        oh…wait. they’re fighting for EQUALITY but not REPARATIONS – – – EXACTLY WHY I POSTED THIS THREAD IN THE FIRST PLACE.

        White people SAVE THE WORLD in the movies and in cartoons ALL THE TIME – – – but in REAL LIFE?!?!

        HONESTLY i think White people could be doing A LOT more to make the WORLD a better place for EVERYBODY – – – not just THEMSELVES.

        i mean…the defense budget might send the wrong kind of message ya know –

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