not gonna say no names…BUT

it’s kinda funny to me how certain Black rappers only talk about “niggas” this and “niggas” that and how niggas can’t fukc with them or don’t want it with them or how niggas can’t see them or how they’ll take niggas girls’ yadayadayada…

but you wanna know what the FUNNY thing is?

those same rappers will NEVER go at any WHITE RAPPER.

ESPECIALLY a White rapper that is SUCCESSFUL.

they’ll take shots at “niggas” ALL DAY – – – but when it comes to White rappers that are HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL???

they don’t say SHIT.

some of these cats are good little negroes…they stay in their place and don’t DARE pop a shot at MASSA on wax.

and like i said…i don’t need to even say names…just listen to some of these local guys and you’ll hear for yourself EXACTLY what i’m talking about.


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