dear sheeple…hip-hop ain’t about “entertainment”

it was NEVER about “ENTERTAINMENT” is the first god-damn place.

people got shit SO twisted these days…and that’s what’s so fukced up.

motherfukcer’s just make their own rules without even consulting the PRE-ESTABLISHED GUIDELINES.

that’s why every damn POINT and CONCLUSION that cats make these days are EMOTION-BASED as opposed to LOGIC-BASED.

everybody puts a political “SPIN” on their standpoints…all but COMPLETELY disregarding TRUTH in their spiels.

This generation is just one big game of simon says and the few people who refuse to not play are looked at as the crazy ones or the haters. Todays rap fans are some of the most misguided, ignorant, and confused people i’v met.”

the original tenets that Hip-Hop was founded on are now FORSAKEN by the same people that claim that THEY are Hip-Hop.

these days we are surrounded my a myriad of S.S.S. – – – SHAPE-SHIFTING SHEEPLE.

beware – these people will rob you of your ORIGINALITY – ESSENCE – and LIFE FORCE – … and they’ll reduce you to the LOWEST-COMMON DENOMINATOR OF AN INDIVIDUAL…just like they are.

Hip-Hop of TODAY is all about POLITICS – RACE  – and TWO-DIMENSIONAL / SIMPLISTIC THINKING- – – and not necessarily in that order.


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