regardless of all the accolades and press that the ‘HEIST’ White boys are getting, Seattle STILL ain’t ‘on the map.’


because i highly doubt that Black people as a WHOLE identify the WHITERAP that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are presenting as AUTHENTIC Hip-Hop / Rap.

let me explain

“on the map” isn’t just about ‘SUCCESS & ‘NUMBERS’  (record sales, radio spins, television airtime)  – FIRST and FOREMOST – it’s about Black people in one CITY respecting, recognizing, and championing the Black talent in another CITY (commercial success is a secondary factor).

again – it’s about a MOVEMENT…and who is logistically ‘HOLDING THE TORCH’ for Hip-Hop as a collective.

in closing – SEATTLE STILL AIN’T ‘ON THE MAP’ because Black people as a whole don’t IDENTIFY WITH or TAKE PRIDE IN ‘WhiteRap’ music – because it’s just an overly-celebrated carbon-copy of the real thing.


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