the ‘success’ that White rappers enjoy DOES NOT help Hip-Hop as a whole.

all White-rap ‘success’ really does is further solidify that White people have the MIDAS TOUCH when it comes to profiting from (exploiting) anything Black – up to and including culture and art.

for example: in SEATTLE, no BLACK RAPPER will EVER achieve the success that White rapper MACKLEMORE has.

same thing with Black PRODUCERS.

Ryan Lewis (MACKLEMORE’s PRODUCER) is White, too…

so those two effectively ‘son’d’ EVERY BLACK RAP / HIP-HOP ARTIST and EVERY BLACK RAP / HIP-HOP PRODUCER in Seattle, King County, and Washington State as a whole (‘success’-wise).

truth be told, those White boys (AND others) are seemingly ‘redefining’ WHAT is ‘Hip-Hop’…and WHO is ‘Hip-Hop’.

and you wanna know what’s really sad?

it’s sad that the KIDS (Black kids) have to deal with this BULLSHIT.

if i was a kindergarten – 12th grade student right now, i would be SO fukcing sad / depressed.

you know why?

because every time i turn around, heralded WHITE RAP would be everywhere i turn.

the ‘HIP-HOP’ White boys did this…the ‘HIP-HOP’ White boys did that…the ‘HIP-HOP’ White boys were on this T.V. show…the ‘HIP-HOP’ White boys sold this many records, they were on the radio – ON, and ON, and ON.

you know what that does to a Black child?

that makes him ARTISTICALLY and CULTURALLY empty, lost, marginalized, and victimized – and even encroaches upon his artistic development, creative direction, and sense of cultural pride and dignity (ON TOP OF THE OTHER BULLSHIT OUT THERE THAT’S ALREADY BEEN DOING THAT FOR DECADES).

because that Black child knows that WHATEVER HE DOES MUSICALLY – as gifted as he may be – it will always ‘PALE’ in comparison to what the ‘HIP-HOP’ White boys have done.


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