…don’t never happen to white folks…(00:56)

“why the shit don’t never happen to White folks?

three reasons:

1. White people value White life more than Black people value Black life.

2. White people regularly & ROUTINELY have bright futures ahead of them while Black people regularly & ROUTINELY have dim futures ahead of them.

3. White people don’t have TRAPS designed for them by society. In school, Black people are taught from a Eurocentric perspective. In church, Black people are programmed to pray to a Eurocentric God. In society, Black people are taught and constantly reminded that we are the lowest-common-denominator of humanity by the (1.) (race) character-assassinating / propaganda-pushing media, (2.) reinforcement by the public education system, and (3.) marginalization / discrimination in the workplace and society in general.


4 thoughts on “…don’t never happen to white folks…(00:56)

    • not every Black homicide victim is innocent; i get that.

      it just sucks that so many Black people don’t understand that they’ve been set up for failure from square one.

      if more Black people knew that and connected the dots, we wouldn’t have to be “doin’ dirt too” IN THE FIRST PLACE…which more often than not results in our incarceration or memorialization.

    • “the moment anyone, ‘black’ or ‘white’, buys a gun, he or she instantly becomes ready to die.”


      the moment anyone Black or White buys a guy, they expect to shoot and kill someone Black with their gun…

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