i brought you into this world, and i’ll take you out

it’s really a damn shame when the same people that MADE HIP-HOP in the first place can’t even KILL IT.

Hip-Hop is like a Frankenstein monster…something that was made with one intention, but now – has spiraled out of control and is now attacking it’s creator.

Black people can’t even kill Hip-Hop – even though we are the ones that made it.

the CORPORATIONS keep FRANKENHip-Hop alive because they benefit indirectly and directly from the mind-numbing and cultural shaping / influencing effect that Hip-Hop has on the people.

millions of White fans keep FRANKENHip-Hop alive because it’s part novelty (fun), part retribution (revenge).

(respectful, righteous, creative, self-loving, self-respecting) Black people don’t have command or control of Hip-Hop anymore; therefore – FRANKENHIP-HOP runs rampant and out of control…polluting people’s minds, destroying families, and fattening corporate pockets.


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