Macklemore – White Privilege

you know what, man?

i think you should just keep doing what you’re doing.

until Black people AS A WHOLE wake the fukc up, i think that we deserve to have Hip-Hop stolen from us.

Black people created Hip-Hop – and it was supposed to be used as a tool of self-empowerment, self-expression, and cultural unity.

WE dropped the ball by letting ‘GANGSTER RAP’ get out of control.

WE dropped the ball by letting ‘WHITE RAP’ have a PASS.

WE dropped the ball by coveting all things White in this society.

until Black people get it together, i honestly don’t think we deserve SHIT.

there’s too many sell-out niggaz…there’s too many willfully ignorant niggaz…there’s too many brainwashed niggaz.

as it stands today, HIP-HOP cannot be used to improve the Black condition (as a whole) in this country, or in the world – that time has passed.

not only have i given up on Hip-Hop, but i have also given up on a lot of the people.

there’s TOO MANY Black people that are part of the PROBLEM as opposed to part of the SOLUTION.

and honestly, we don’t even WANT a solution – all we want is MONEY FOR OURSELVES.

HIP-HOP is gentrified…historically Black communities are gentrified…being BLACK these days is damn near gentrified – there’s not even any CLEAR LINES that separate BLACK PEOPLE from everybody else.

the Black leaders of the past? DIED IN VAIN.


Because niggaz don’t WANT to learn.

all we want to do is be ‘IN’…all we want to do is be as WHITE AS POSSIBLE.

STRAIGHT HAIR, WHITE WOMAN (or even HALF-WHITE…she HAS to have SOME KIND OF WHITE in her to be desirable), WHITE JESUS…i could go on and on.

having Black pride is looked down upon by White people, thus – Black people look down on Black pride.

does it even make sense to have Black pride if you’re Black and you’re living in a country that traditionally considered you 3/5ths of a man?

what’s to be proud about when your people are killing each other at insane rates, your music is no longer YOUR music, and your God is a White boy?

you’re not proud of your hair – BECAUSE YOU WANT TO STRAIGHTEN IT

you’re not proud of your skin – BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW OR WANT TO KNOW YOUR HISTORY (outside of what White people told you your history is)

you’re not proud of your woman – BECAUSE YOU WANT A WHITE OR HALF-WHITE WOMAN

WTF are YOU proud of?

all you niggaz out there that support GANGSTA RAP and WHITE RAP (without an emphasis on BALANCE)? fukc you – because YOU are part of the problem…YOU are one of the reasons why Black people can’t get their shit together.


take, take, TAKE – because that’s what you do.

Black people don’t care, and you know why? because NOW, since you’re ‘famous’ – ALL THEY WANNA DO IS EAT THE CRUMBS OFF OF YOUR PLATE – in the typical HOUSE NEGRO manner.

they don’t get upset…they don’t want CHANGE…they don’t stand behind or support their race OR ‘quality control’ among their culture…so FUKC those niggaz.

White rappers?

keep making what you’re making – IT ISN’T THE REAL THING – but hey, who cares when it’s putting money in the collective White pocket?

at the end of the day, niggaz are dumb and white boys are corny.

the beginning of black decline was the beginning of white increase – and it’s been like that since the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade…so let’s not act like this shit is anything new.

R.I.P. to Hip-Hop…it’s White now, and the rules have all changed; just that fast


and as far as the song is concerned?

it’s the anthem of modern cultural oppression (in a reverse braggadocio manner) – and an ode to the exit of Black culture & Black music…annuit coeptis


12 thoughts on “Macklemore – White Privilege

  1. “…we didn’t even have to fight the system we just went and picked up the microphone too…”

    mack agrees with your post. he knows that he’s just riding the wave that was already created.

    “…it’s rooted in authenticity, something you literally can’t learn…”

    mack has the authenticity. not black authenticity. hip-hop authenticity.
    and that means that hip hop can include artists of all races. unity.

  2. “mack agrees with your post. he knows that he’s just riding the wave that was already created.”

    he’s riding more than that, man…

    i’m gonna have to just call White-Hop for what it is – WHITE SUPREMACY in music-form.

  3. “mack has the authenticity. not black authenticity. hip-hop authenticity.”

    NOPE! you can’t have Hip-Hop authenticity if your Hip-Hop authenticity is more WHITE than BLACK!

    straight up, hands down, no question.

    he has WHITE authenticity – call it for what it REALLY IS

  4. by the way, this post deeply nuanced and consensus-seeking, props indeed.

    i like the train of thought this time, all the way up until rappers are polarized into [a] or [b].

    polarizing races is impossible.

    in this same post, there is a scale of white to black ratio expressed regarding women.
    however, that same ratio is not used when describing musicians.

    musicians are either [white] or [black]
    women can be anywhere along the scale?

      • if polarizing means to try and whip up animosity and barriers between whites and blacks,
        then yes.
        people polarize races all the time.

        that’s not really what i was getting at.
        there is a meta concept about race that is in its infancy.
        i call it the bulworth factor, more on that later.

        the concept is this.
        is barack obama black?
        or is barack obama white?
        or is he a combination of the two?

        if you ask racist southerners leaning against pepsi trucks,
        they’ll tell you that being of mixed race automatically makes you “black”

        if you ask racist blacks, they might say that obama is not black “enough”
        and he is just mimicking “white” behavior to get elected.

        the reality of course is that he is bi-racial.
        it’s an ugly term, but until there is a new word, we’re stuck with it.

        there will never be a return to words that came from miscegenation and slavery,
        like mulatto, octaroon and quadroon.
        those words are beyond offensive.

        however, bi-racial is the most scientific yet broad term that makes sense.

        what race is tiger woods?

        the bulworth factor:
        granny’s advice to warren beatty.

  5. “in this same post, there is a scale of white to black ratio expressed regarding women.
    however, that same ratio is not used when describing musicians.”

    either way, White is at the top of both scales; women (most preferable, standard of beauty, and politically correct) and musicians (most profitable, relatable, and politically correct.

    …and Black is at the bottom of both scales…


    …depends who you ask…

  6. “however, bi-racial is the most scientific yet broad term that makes sense”


    it boils down to these two terms:

    1. NON-WHITE

    2. WHITE

    that covers the whole spread.

  7. when bulworth goes for the jugular in the movie,
    he drops the bomb during a tv interview.

    bulworth: white people got more in common with colored people than they do with rich people. we’ve just gotta eliminate ’em.

    interviewer: eliminate?

    b: eliminate.

    i: who? rich people?

    b: white people.

    viewer 1: damn!

    b: black people too. brown people, yellow people, get rid of ’em all. all we need is a voluntary free-spirited open-ended program of procreative racial deconstruction. everybody just gotta keep fucking everybody until we’re all the same color. it’s gonna take a while…

    viewer 2: damn!

  8. “everybody just gotta keep fucking everybody until we’re all the same color”

    ARGUABLY White people would reappear, though…based on albinism being a genetic disorder / mutation in the first place; lol.


  9. Real talk my man as a young black educated man i disgusted and ashamed of my own people for the lack there of self love.every time i see my people i show love and get alot of love even the haters n devils gotta love me and respect cause i know they know im a authentic black man with a black beautiful wife and as a whole is fulla ducks and shucks even the legends are to blame cause they cosigned alot of bullshit in the radio and community.self love is what hiphop was about not loving selfishness.hotep my brotha

  10. “even the legends are to blame”


    it’s LARGELY their fault that we’re even in this mess right now.

    “self love is what hiphop was about not loving selfishness”


    and White artists can’t communicate Black SELF-LOVE via a Black art / culture…it just doesn’t work like that

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