two of my personal Souf End & District anthems



5 thoughts on “two of my personal Souf End & District anthems

  1. “I never knew hustlers confessed in stereo
    Or on video get caught you’ll know who turned
    State’s evidence, murder weapon, confession and fingerprints
    Mama always said, “Watch what comes out your mouth”
    Tight case for the D A from here to down South”

    here’s what is tough for some rap listeners to understand about this violent category of music.

    when the rapper talks about shooting people, the listener has to ask if it is theater or actual testimony from the perp of some serious crime.

    if it is testimony, then put it in court.
    if it is theater, then put it with buzz lightyear and woody

    if mc ren really did all the stuff he said he did, then lock him up.
    same goes for geto boys.
    oh wait, that was theater.

    so is hood rap better titled “deposition rap” these days?

    • “so is hood rap better titled “deposition rap” these days?”

      hood rap is only really made for a hood audience (whiterap, anyone?)

      listeners generally know what the facts are and what the fiction is – ESPECIALLY if they are the target audience.

      the closer you are to that particular rapper (geographically and socially), the more lyrics can be verified.

      hood rap is encoded, so to speak.

      for example: hood rappers will spit 10 ‘illusions’ (situations), but ONE of those illusions is an inference to true crime.

      mix the truth with lies; AGE-OLD concept.

      nobody in their right mind is going to obviously dry-snitch on themselves…

      that’s where the art comes into hood rap – the targeted subliminals.

  2. but the difference between hoodrap and white rap is that the former is NOT considered “HIp-Hop” while the latter is – even though they are both equally and inherently UN-Hip-Hop.

  3. so let’s look at the first track.
    s-loc says something like this:

    “i broke bread with ya
    fucked bitches and got head with ya
    never thought that you would
    turn into a fed nigga

    but when it cracked off
    i had to let the mac off
    fucking my pack off
    nigga i blew his back off”

    is this just metaphor?
    when he says he shot the dude so fatally that there was nothing left of his chest, was that just a poetic way of saying that he had an argument and decided to never speak to the dude again?
    that’s what’s so hard.
    finding poetry in exaggeration.

    • poetry and fact-finding (exaggeration) are mutually exclusive.

      some of the times, the rappers are just telling stories that the listener may have similar experiences with; common-ground seeking, if you will.

      other times, they’re just getting shit off their chest.

      finding poetry is more about finding things IN COMMON than IN CONTEXT…but that’s TOTALLY on a case-by-case basis.

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