caves vs. pyramids

if White people trace back to caves and cavemen, then when were the pyramids built?

were the pyramids built BEFORE the caves and cavemen?


were the pyramids built AFTER the caves and cavemen?


2 thoughts on “caves vs. pyramids

  1. I dont understand the question. It infers that White people built the pyramids. The Egyptians were Black.

    • it’s strictly a question based on timelines…

      but these days, who really cares about timelines?

      who really cares about the TRUTH?

      all it’s really about these days is:

      1. avoiding being hand-picked by the police (not being Black)

      2. getting over on people / ignoring the truth / not doing the right thing in GENERAL – self-interests only

      3. and not being Black (refer to point #1)

      anyone that’s not Black and ignores the truth (DOESN’T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT) / reality is probably living a great life, by American standards

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