‘social media’ and “comments”

i’m going to post some CRUCIAL information about the INTERNET (in a SOCIAL [media][networking] context).

it’s SUPER IMPORTANT that you don’t take ANYTHING serious on the internet; (5% is safe to take seriously)

there are THOUSANDS of RANDOM, NAMELESS, FACELESS people on the internet that systematically SPEW negative energy at every single opportunity that they get.

the COMMENTS that are left by these NAMELESS, FACELESS people are putrid; and will eat away at the fabric of your existence if taken without a grain of salt.

no matter what the issue is, these people appear in DROVES and ‘SPIN’ the event / subject of the event / victim of the event in a way that is morally / ethically destructive and inhumanly / close-mindedly judgmental.

when you read comments, NEVER – and i mean EVER – take them seriously.

because WHEN you die (no matter the circumstances) these people will DISRESPECT and DESECRATE the comment section of the page that your story is being told on.

same thing for me…if something was to happen to me, the LEECHES / VULTURES / DEGENERATES will post demeaning and disrespectful comments about me, too.

NOBODY is safe from these ‘people’…these COMMENT makers.

ANYBODY could die, your mom, your grandma, your sister, you daughter, your grandpa, ECT – and these people WILL NOT HESITATE to say something OUTLANDISHLY DISRESPECTFUL about them.

it’s sad.

– – –

so when you die, just know that the MAJORITY of people that comment on your unfortunate happenstance are going to leave the most VILE, DEHUMANIZING, JUDGMENTAL comments that they possibly can.

– – –

the internet, the dollar, greed, ego, and insecurity have successfully and systematically altered the course of human nature, and put human nature as we know it on a path of destruction – ESPECIALLY in a ‘social-media’ context / framework.

NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE OR WHAT YOU STOOD FOR – the comments that people leave about you OUTSIDE OF your digital eulogy are going to less than flattering – TO SAY THE LEAST.

there are so many nameless / faceless people out there that are ready to make JOKES about your demise, that it would make your head spin.

may god be with your friends, family, and loved ones that read the ‘comments’ that are left about you during their moments of mourning


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