“Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hit number one on Billboard chart”

does it really take a rocket-scientist to figure out that Black people had (damn near) absolutely nothing to do with that achievement?

White artists don’t need Black fans to achieve milestones…White artists don’t need Black culture to achieve milestones…all White artists need from Black people is a HANDFUL (literally) of co-signs from certain Black movers & shakers – and it’s off to the races (PUN INTENDED).


14 thoughts on ““Macklemore and Ryan Lewis hit number one on Billboard chart”

    • it’s actually even worse IF i couldn’t name any specific co-signers – which would mean that he REALLY doesn’t need Black fans OR those co-signers.

      i try not to name names of people that aren’t my SUBJECT MATTER…not only that, but my point is better made when the GENERAL IDEA is absorbed, as opposed to focusing on NAMES.

      the word “idiocy” belongs nowhere in, on, or around this post.

      focusing on specifics makes it easy to address the SYMPTOM as opposed to the CAUSE / ROOT of the issue.

  1. if his fans are 100% white, then why would he need any mediators/co-signers of other racial makeups?
    that doesn’t make sense.

    asking for names just to figure out how informed and thus trustworthy this opinion actually is.
    if gatekeepers are implied but never identified, then they are merely phantoms.
    hard to believe in…

    • a “gatekeeper” and a co-signer are two different things.

      SOMETIMES someone can be BOTH, but not always.

      in this context, i’m speaking of co-signers – BUT – your definition of what a co-signer is may be different than my definition.

      my main definition of a co-signer is someone that DOES NOT call BULLSHIT when they see it; and just goes along with it – – – AND – – – indirectly OR directly benefits from neglecting to call “bullshit”.

      which leads me back to one of my ROUTINE points of this blog – – – WHEN THE #1 BEST-SELLING RAPPER is a White man and the MOST-POPULAR RAPPER in your hometown is a White man, SOMETHING IS UP – something ain’t right.

      BECAUSE – when BOTH of those variable are TRUE (which they are here), Hip-Hop can’t grow.

      IGNORANT / GREEDY BLACK RAPPERS are one of Hip-Hop’s feet in the grave


      OPPORTUNISTIC / OUT-OF-TOUCH WHITE RAPPERS are the other foot of Hip-Hop’s; IN THE GRAVE.

      and i’m speaking IN GENERAL.

      look, man…the MAIN POINT of this post is that Macklemore’s SUCCESS is more of a BAD THING for “Hip-Hop” than a GOOD THING…same with EMINEM.

      THAT is the MAIN POINT i’m getting at.

      • “look, man…the MAIN POINT of this post is that Macklemore’s SUCCESS is more of a BAD THING for “Hip-Hop” than a GOOD THING…same with EMINEM.

        THAT is the MAIN POINT i’m getting at.”

        then that places this post squarely in opposition to most of the other posts last year.
        it seems like post after post rails against ignorance in hip hop.

        same ten things.
        same ten things.

        well, here comes a rapper who is definitely not rapping about the same ten things,
        who in fact has delivered a deadly blow to the materialism in rap.

        and he did it with a spoonful of sugar.

        well how racist is it to say that he is a bad thing for hip hop just because he is white?
        especially when haywire always calls it like it is when it comes to exposing ignorance in music.
        that is a 180 degree turn.
        finally, a rapper who doesn’t do any of the things that are destroying the culture.

        he’s not reppin guns.
        he’s not reppin drugs.
        he’s not reppin sex.

        sounds like he is [tailor made] for haywire…

  2. and that’s why i made the other post about how White Hip-Hop and Black Hip-Hop need to be two separate fields – because by keeping them together – one eclipses the other, to the detriment of the original.

  3. on top of that, WHITE Hip-Hop / Rap and even WHITE RAPPERS (AS A WHOLE) hardly even APPEALS TO, APPLIES TO, or SPEAKS TO BLACK FANS…so there’s NO WAY that White rappers and / or White Hip-Hop can HELP / BUILD / REINFORCE or grow Black music or culture – PERIOD…shit’s like OIL and WATER man – and personally, i’m SICK of seeing it CONVENIENTLY lumped together.

    • “…so there’s NO WAY that White rappers and / or White Hip-Hop can HELP / BUILD / REINFORCE or grow Black music…”

      which one is this referring to?
      ‘hip hop” or “black music”
      as already agreed, hip hop has been [integrated] just like little rock.
      those are two different terms for two different [categories] of music.

      • “hip hop has been [integrated]”

        and that’s a PROBLEM.

        it’s needs to be SEPARATED – because White rappers are given #1 STATUS, but fail to carry the torch of the PEOPLE (Black people) – the people’s culture – or ANY cause that RELATES to the people whose culture they are PROFITING from.

  4. Segregation of music takes away the simplicity of what its made for to voice the opinion of the artist its up yo the fans to relate to it and you don’t dictate the color they are , to say a “black” man or woman can’t enjoy the same music as a “white” man or woman or vise versa is ignorance in its prime how would you know I’m sure he has plenty of black spanish asian all types of fans but of course you made it a black or white thing since that’s predominantly what this industry has you are no better to say we should classify one type of music as “white” hip hop as anyone else judging someone for thier skin color cmon are you serious! Its just hip hop and that’s how he’s choosing to express himself if you even listen to his music instead of just writing a blank review with no statistics no proven point and just rambling about race you’d see he clearly says he doesn’t care about the color of your skin and he even supports same sex couples so are you telling me thier are no gay black men in the world that have played the music of one of the only people in hip hop that doesnt judge them the only person appreciating them? Gimmie a break this is business and music and were not in the 40’s stop bringing back racial segregation.

  5. ain’t about SEGREGATING…it’s about ACCURATE CLASSIFICATION and (cultural) QUALITY PRESERVATION. Hip-Hop has morphed into an ‘EVERYBODY’S WELCOME’ party when it used to be an ‘INVITATION ONLY’ affair; and NOW we have malignant infections due to the lack of structure, loyalty and preservation.

    “Its just hip hop”

    it’s that type of viewpoint that has Hip-Hop in the current shape that it’s in.

    HIP-HOP is LIFE…so to say “it’s JUST Hip-Hop” makes you the type of person that isn’t interested in QUALITY CONTROL regarding Hip-Hop. no such thing as “JUST”; this is CULTURE…this is LIFE.

    “blank review with no statistics”

    I DON’T NEED “STATISTICS” to know the Macklemore’s CORE FAN BASE is White people; White people that are more concerned with RACE-RELATABILITY, GIMMICKS, and TRENDS than SKILL, SOUL, and SUBSTANCE.

    “he doesn’t care about the color of your skin”

    NOT CARING ABOUT THE COLOR OF SOMEONE’S SKIN is akin to IGNORING THE STRUGGLE that that person’s skin color subjects them to on a daily and lifetime basis – – – AND – – – makes it easier to CO-OPT THEIR CULTURE by just saying, “I DON’T SEE COLOR; WE’RE ALL JUST ‘HUMAN’, SO I KNOW YOU WON’T MIND IF I TAKE YOUR SHIT, DILUTE, and REPACKAGE it for a White-like-myself audience.”

    “he even supports same sex couples”

    please, a BLACK ARTIST was the FIRST ONE to say, “MY GIRL GOT A GIRLFRIEND” – – – way, way, WAY before Macklemore even was a ‘factor’. Black Hip-Hop artists BEEN supported same sex relationships WAY BEFORE White ones.

    “were not in the 40′s stop bringing back racial segregation.”

    i’ll tell you one thing about segregation…Black people were MUCH MORE UNITED back in those days…AND there was way, way, WAY less BLACK-ON-BLACK homicide…so let’s not act like segregation didn’t have it’s positives.

    it’s not SEGREGATION that was so bad, it was the White RACISM that made segregation a SICKENING social reality.

    and it’s White racism that’s STILL at the root of MANY social realities.

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