white hip-hop / rap needs to be it’s own genre

white rap and white rappers need to have their own GENRE of music.

white rap SHOULD be it’s own genre.

it’s really not fair for Black rappers to have to COMPETE FOR AND APPEAL TO White fans.

when white boys like (for example) eminem and macklemore literally SHIT on black rappers (local AND national), it’s a BAD LOOK for HIP-HOP as an ART FORM.

white rappers can’t ADVANCE Hip-Hop – all they can do is SPREAD IT and DILUTE it to LEGIONS OF WHITE FANS.

WHITE FANS are NOT in tune with NOR support what (AND WHO) Hip-Hop was made for.


…and the fact of the matter is that the CURRENT ‘HOT’ WHITE RAPPERS (and their music) have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with THOSE people, their culture, their struggles; their LIFE.

white rap is OUT OF TOUCH with BLACK PEOPLE and thus should be SEPARATED. – – – WHITE RAP IS FOR WHITE PEOPLE (obviously) – point blank PERIOD.


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