white life more valuable than black life?

last time i checked, Black people BEEN gettin’ murdered by assault weapons…

…BEEN gettin’ murdered in California – BEEN gettin’ murdered in New York – BEEN gettin’ murdered in Illinois – BEEN gettin’ murdered in Florida – BEEN gettin murdered in Texas…ETC; by all kinds of weapons – – – INCLUDING ‘assault’ weapons.

Black fatalities by assault weapons ACROSS THE COUNTRY (and over the past 3 DECADES) number in the THOUSANDS…AND the victims were of ALL AGES..young / adolescent / adult, etc.

but when a few White kids (IN COMPARISON) get killed the same way Blacks have been getting killed for DECADES, all the sudden the gun-control debate is at a FEVER PITCH.

Black people are the ROUTINE victims of gun-violence in this country – but public policy only gets widespread mass-media & government scrutiny when the same violence consumes a mere FRACTION of White people?

by comparison, White deaths are an OUTRAGE and Black deaths are rarely national news-worthy….even if they number in the THOUSANDS over decades – – – or in the HUNDREDS per YEAR (IN A SINGLE CITY)


2 thoughts on “white life more valuable than black life?

  1. put it this way,

    there is a major studio film out about the 2004 tsunami that wreaked all kinds of havoc in se asia.

    is the movie about the effect on the local population or a story of one of the 230,000 local victims?
    um, no.
    the impossible.
    its about a white family stuck there.

    go figure.

    • yeah…throughout history, there are HUNDREDS of examples of the importance of White life in comparison to non-white life…

      when i was growing up, 90% of the super-heroes were White guys…ya know? as a kid, that kinda shit has a subliminal effect on you – and not a positive one –

      …but this topic isn’t nuttin’ new…the whole ‘superior race’ / ‘inferior race’ shit goes back centuries (if not millenniums)

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