I hate what Hip-Hop has turned into

yeah…yeah…i know…i know…”HATE” is a strong word – BUT IT’S TRUE.

i HATE what Hip-Hop has turned into.

it used to be where only a handful of people were EGOTISTICAL, SELF-DESTRUCTIVE DEGENERATES.



and WHY is that???

because of ‘Hip-Hop’.

damn near ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that has HIP-HOP attached to it’s name is a CESSPOOL.







the ‘gateway drug’ USED TO BE marijuana.


it’s HIP-HOP.

‘HIP-HOP’ is intertwined with EVERYTHING that will lead you under the bus

VIOLENCE – – – Hip-Hop is UNDENIABLY synonymous to violence…I.E., the PLETHORA of DEAD rappers.

MATERIALISM- – – Hip-Hop is UNDENIABLY synonymous to materialism…I.E., the PLETHORA of songs and music videos FOCUSING on jewelry, money, vehicles, etc.

IGNORANCE – – –  Hip-Hop is UNDENIABLY synonymous to ignorance…I.E., the PLETHORA of songs and music videos that focus on stereotypes, misogyny, and criminality.

and as a FINAL POINT

ANYBODY and EVERYBODY that says that ‘HIP-HOP ISN’T DEAD’ is someone that thrives (and / or benefits) off of witnessing the DESTRUCTION, DISHARMONY, and DISUNITY of Black people – – – point blank, PERIOD.


8 thoughts on “I hate what Hip-Hop has turned into

  1. the funny thing about this blog is that it’s like all the great intelligent music is gone now.
    why even bother with filth?

    haywire is picking up garbage and calling it garbage.
    please don’t call that garbage “hip hop”.

    hip hop is still real where people know it.
    don’t pretend like the real tracks like “why is that?” or “black steel in the hour of chaos” are gone forever.

    hip hop is alive.
    the pop radio wasteland is dead, and those that worry about [that] might be the ones with the problem.

    ff had a track recently called soylent green.
    it is true.
    cannibalism has already taken over.

    real hip hop is wherever it has to be.
    it is not a monolith.

    i refuse to accept your sweeping generalization.

    • “i refuse to accept your sweeping generalization.”

      it’s not even just MY generalization though…it’s what HIP-HOP is known as AND pushed as to the MASSES…you know?

      people like me and you are black sheep, bro…SERIOUSLY. you know i know, and i know you know…WE know that THEY don’t know…and THEY is like a MILLION times you and I…you know what i’m saying?

      in other words, MAJORITY RULES, which sucks for people like us, because we gotta sit back and observe the DEFAMATION OF HIP-HOP.

      • “…the DEFAMATION OF HIP-HOP.”

        totally missing the point.

        can why is that? be defamed after it has already existed since 1989?
        can black steel in the hour of chaos be defamed after it has already existed since 1988?

        no-one can defame real hip hop.
        it exists forever.

        peoples instinctive travels will always be there.
        like the goddamn mona lisa.

        no- one is changing that legacy.

  2. p.s.

    it’s like on the road drops in 1957 and blows up the concept of the novel.

    then thirty years later in the mid 80’s someone says that all the trashy novels of that year have led to the unavoidable conclusion that writing novels is dead.

    on the road is still alive as a novel and as a concept…

    • “no- one is changing that legacy.”

      i can agree with you there…the LEGACY stands…it will stand for eternity…BUT the CURRENT STATE of Hip-Hop and it’s LEGACY are two totally different things.

      back in the LEGACY days, Hip-Hop was CONstructive…TODAY? it’s DEstructive.

      Hip-Hop will sadly NEVER return to it’s WIDESPREAD (and i repeat; WIDESPREAD) positive influence

  3. look at it this way.

    society comes up with new technologies or concepts every year.
    some catch on like crazy and some disappear.

    for instance, a combustion engine.
    a hundred years ago it was brilliant and revolutionary.
    motorcars were truly something to advance civilization.

    now in 2013 we have giant ford expeditions and chevy suburbans that are totally removed from the true root purpose of using a vehicle, which is [transportation].

    now we have cloned millions of these combustion engines like the goddamn sorcerer’s apprentice brooms.
    millions and millions of cars flooding the planet.
    all based on a genius original idea.
    that ran amok.

    just like [hip hop]…

    so instead of condemning cars [top 40 pop hip hop nicki minaj trash] it’s easy to just find new ways of transportation that don’t use as much petroleum. for example electric cars [real shit like kendrick lamar] are also available, it’s still a car [hip hop] but it’s just the next level, the next generation.

    the legacy will exist in the new generation.
    they exist together…

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