“if you want to get rich in the music industry……”


12 thoughts on ““if you want to get rich in the music industry……”


    • “…selling our own music out of the back of our cars.” – RIGHT…because Black artists can’t go through a White ‘middle-man’ (GENERALLY SPEAKING, and on a MAINSTREAM LEVEL) without having to destroy the music, message, and culture in the process.

      if Black people want to get back to the positive, wholesome aspect of HIp-Hop, then White people MAY have to be avoided – i mean, to me, it seems like Black artists are paid BIG BUCKS to facilitate NEGATIVE STEREOTYPES – I mean – the proof is out there…the ‘BIGGEST’ Black artists are the WORST EXAMPLES for Black youth, culture, and people as a whole…those same ‘BIGGEST’ / ‘HOTTEST’ artist ALSO keep the WORLD-VIEW of Black people at an ALL-TIME LOW…AGAIN – i’m just speaking IN GENERAL.

      • “…Black artists can’t go through a White ‘middle-man’…”

        is it different if the music executive is black/hispanic/asian/aboriginal?

  1. what about mos def and talib, the black star project?

    not exactly trunk material there.
    that was in every sam goody guaranteed.
    it has filler, but when it’s good it reminds me of krs.

    • “what about mos def and talib, the black star project?”

      1:100 ratio.

      an EXCEPTION will slip through the cracks every couple of years…SURE – but it will never be the RULE – and that’s EXACTLY where Hip-Hop suffers at…the ‘RULE’.

  2. that is asking too much.

    exceptions give hope to others who might then break through later.
    an exception shows that part of the conspiracy is the artists themselves.
    real artists like common or black star can actually be recognized by the mainstream without inciting paranoid tantrums in the smoke-filled rooms of polygram warner geffen universal electra atlantic sony etc…

    does anyone think that lil wayne would prefer to be making records like chuck d if he would only be let out of his little gangsta box that they put him in.
    no way.
    he was saying some ignorant ghetto shit in the hot boys,
    and he is still on some ignorant shit with his little teddy bear drake.

    it is not all the fault of the industry.
    exceptions can help break that perception.

    • “exceptions give hope to others who might then break through later.”

      please…there’s no time for “HOPE”…Hip-Hop is killing WAY TOO MANY PEOPLE (mainly Black people) to be concerned with “HOPE” at this point.

      • there are no quotation marks around hope.
        it is a real word, not a digital construct.
        and a foundational human concept.

        an overwhelming majority of humans experience hope in a very real and describable way.
        if one person has lost it, in no way does that invalidate the hope of others.

        there are no quotes around it.

    • “recognized by the mainstream”

      see…that’s the problem though, sir…Black artists are so focused on being “recognized by the mainstream” that they’ve sold out themselves AND their culture for PENNIES on the DOLLAR – AND facilitated a culture of self-destruction and decay – which we see IN ACTION on the nightly news…OR W.S.H.H.com –

    • “exceptions can help break that perception.”

      in the White-Hip-Hop stratosphere? SURE – anything is possible – PROVEN by the #1 selling rapper EVER / OF ALL TIME being a white guy.

      but in the Black-Hip-Hop world? IT’S OVER – the whole ENTITY known as Hip-Hop has been POLLUTED / CO-OPTED / and INFILTRATED to the point of NO RETURN – – – with NO “exceptions”.

      the “RULE” is this

      if you’re Black, get back
      if you’re Brown, stick around
      if you’re White, you’re alright

      – – – the NUMBERS PROVE WHAT I’M SAYING – – –

      and i’m not just talking EMINEM…Macklemore can be thrown right in the same example (above)…i wrote a post delineating a few supporting factors in a CLEAR and DIRECT form and fashion.

      KEY-WORD ‘searches’ on this blog pull up some INTERESTING results, if i may add.

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