Hip-Hop, ‘sampling’, and Black people

if today’s Hip-Hop is a MICROCOSM of Black people as a whole, then WE’RE FUKCED.

either way it’s cut, even if ART imitates LIFE – we’re fukced


if LIFE imitates ART – again – we’re fukced.

i’m not sure exactly WHEN it switched, but LIFE started imitating ART decades ago.

TODAY, if there is a TREND, people – especially IGNORANT / EASILY IMPRESSIONABLE BLACK PEOPLE – will IMMEDIATELY begin following / RE-ENACTING that trend…EVEN IF the trend is DESTRUCTIVE.

these days, the MEDIA is what is forming SOCIETY, shaping and molding, subconsciously AND consciously.

the IMAGES, MUSIC, and MESSAGES that the MEDIA MASS-MARKETS are ruining society as a whole – and nobody seems to notice – – – everybody just thinks what they are seeing and hearing is MERELY ‘entertainment’.





but Black people are so IGNORANT and want to be part of something (ANYTHING) ‘mainstream’ so bad, that we are falling for EVERYTHING…and NOBODY (influential) will tell us the TRUTH because they’re making BIG MONEY off of our collective IGNORANCE.

will Black people ever learn?


we hate ourselves too much to ever wish to push POSITIVE RACE-WIDE CHANGE.

BUT – since we hate ourselves so much, we’ll push NEGATIVE RACE-WIDE INERTIA until we’re GONE.

a Black person with a TELEVISION or a Black person with a STEREO system are DANGEROUS – to themselves and to society as a whole – ESPECIALLY if they live in poverty, have a remedial education level, and don’t know the PRACTICAL difference between LOGIC and EMOTION.

Hip-Hop today is a SETUP.

and other forms of MEDIA just REINFORCE the setup.

ENTERTAINMENT is killing kids – “HIP-HOP”; is killing kids.


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