“must watch” / “must read” for macklemore

…with that being said…

i kinda feel like White people ‘killed‘ Hip-Hop.


I’M FROM SEATTLE – so i’ma keep it TOWN-BIDNESS…

do ya’ll know that MACKLEMORE (White rapper from Seattle) has EXPONENTIALLY more YouTube “views” than SIR-MIX-A-LOT???

i mean, we ALL know the song, “BABY GOT BACK” by SIR-MIX-A-LOT…RIGHT???


THAT song ARGUABLY put SEATTLE HIP-HOP ‘on the map’…and if it wasn’t “BABY GOT BACK”, it was “POSSE ON BROADWAY”…right?


well…just in case you haven’t noticed, MACKLEMORE has MILLIONS on top of MILLIONS of views MORE than SIR-MIX-A-LOT; which to me – IS FUCKING CRAZY; SEATTLE Hip-Hop BLASPHEMY – to say the LEAST.

Macklemore already ‘KILLED’ Sir-Mix-A-Lot…SO…to all you other Black rappers out there, Macklemore already ‘KILLED’ ya’ll too…

R.I.P. Seattle Hip-Hop.


(local) BLACK RAPPERS, you will NEVER be as popular / famous / coveted / glorified / idolized / deified as MACKLEMORE…not here in Seattle…not in King County, not in WASHINGTON-fucking-STATE.

same thing with rap in general – a WHITE MAN is the BEST SELLING RAPPER OF ALL TIME / EVER…so ya’ll niggaz are FOREVER gonna be in a White Man’s shadow IN YOUR OWN LANE / AT YOU OWN GAME…sad, isn’t it?


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