just in case you’ve been living under a rock; Seattle is already “ON THE MAP” as per this guy:

so i don’t wanna hear you cats being like, “YEAH, I’M TRYING TO / ABOUT TO PUT SEATTLE ON THE MAP”

NONE OF YA’LL are gonna outshine this guy for maybe the next DECADE or so (probably longer)…so keep your dreams, ambitions, and delusions of grandeur to YOURSELF, because they ain’t REALISTIC.

a white rapper is the best selling rapper OF ALL TIME


a white rapper is the ‘HOTTEST’ RAPPER in Seattle / King County / PACIFIC NORTHWEST / WASHINGTON STATE.


if you’re white, you’re alright (MACKLEMORE)

if you’re brown, stick around (BLUE SCHOLARS)

if you’re black, get back (i don’t even gotta point all ya’ll out…ya’ll know who ya’ll are)

…ya’ll know the drill – quit acting brand new like ya’ll don’t know what the fukc time it is out in this bitch – the NUMBERS ARE ALL UP IN YOUR FACE – quit BULLSHITTING YOURSELVES.


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