die on camera?

when it comes to being MURDERED (which can happen to ANYONE at ANYTIME) we now have to make an uneasy decision; for the sake of discussion.

it’s not a secret that you can see someone die on video faster than you can pop a bag of popcorn.

the QUESTION is – do YOU want to die on camera?

dying on camera is a catch 22 – because on ONE HAND, if your murder is filmed / recorded, police can use clues from the video to help solve the case.

but on the OTHER HAND, your death / murder video might land on WSHH or YOUTUBE and go VIRAL – and when it does, HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of people will CLAMOR to make fun of you, your demise, and the circumstances surrounding your passing.

your passing will be immortalized on the web, there for your friends, parents, CHILDREN (and ‘haters’) to see.

do you want your children to see you murdered? for the POTENTIAL benefit of solving the case?

do you want to be made a mockery of by droves of random anonymous people in your last days on earth?

the internet is a cold, impersonal, desensitized place, where absolutely NOTHING is sacred; – a place where the murder of an innocent preacher, teacher, bystander, pedestrian, police officer, or child is NOT allowed to die with DIGNITY; if captured on film and posted on the internet.


with technology the way it is these days, you can’t even REST IN PEACE anymore – because the internet never sleeps, and the internet will replay the video and rehash the discussion about your death until people simply FORGET about you… – MAYBE THEN you can rest –


FyLe ForMatz


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