FyLe ForMatz and DJ’ing – (MIXING & BLENDING records)


when i’m mixing and blending records, I FEEL LIKE I’M FUKCING RAPPING on those records.

but i’ll come back to that point.

HIP-HOP-WISE, DJ’ING has always been the most COST-PROHIBITIVE element of HIP-HOP.

all past and present b-boys know that.

but now, since the tech-revolution has brought music production gear & equipment down to an affordable level, i’ve recently dove in.

and the FEELING i get from this shit is UN-BE-FUKCING-LIEVABLE.

blending records is WAY different from making beats…different SPIRITS, man – STRAIGHT UP. same thing with the other elements of HIP-HOP.

FUKC MAN – what i’m trying to say is EACH ELEMENT HAS IT’S OWN SPIRIT – IT’S OWN ENERGY – it’s own ESSENCE.

i’m just touching base with mixing and blending, and i’m developing my own STYLE of dj’ing (SCRATCHING REPLACED with EFFECTS and UNHEARD-OF-BEFORE song combinations).

anyways, when i’m blending these joints (which i’m slowly but surely getting better at) it’s a HIGH.

one more thing.

i’ve ALWAYS been the type of person that makes music for ME – FIRST.

so these mixes i’m posting are BASICALLY made for ME – when i’m RIDING, when i’m CHILLING, when i’m FEELING MYSELF – no POLITICS or BUSINESS involved – WHATSOEVER.

if other’s find joy and happiness in my mixes, AWESOME.


these mixes offer me BALANCE.

NORMALLY my music is DARK, SCI-FI, DISTORTED, and totally fukcing RANDOM…but with these mixes, i’m able to TONE IT THE FUKC DOWN and show my other side – which is a pretty cool & relaxed person – with an edge.

make music for YOU, the UNIVERSE – THEN fans – yes, in THAT fukcing order.


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