damn! i miss your fukcin’ ass


you ever dated a chic and played her like you play all the other chics?

then look back and realize that you royaly FUKCED UP?!

well i have…and i did.

played the broad to the left SUPER coldly…and when i look back on that shit, i FUKCED UP.

man, to tell ya’ll the honest-to-God TRUTH – i PRAYED for the bitch, my niggaz, bitchez, and crackaz…YES…PRAYED; lol…and the bitch APPEARED mane…REAL TALK.

had the bitch, and lost her – like a sucka.

played the broad for a PHONY broad…thought i was gettin’ over and shit; FEEL ME?

miss that bitch, mane…lol

shit…now i gotta replace her.

will i find someone better? YEAH…but that shit takes time my N.B.C.’z – BUH-LEE DAT.


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