sometimes i wonder if Heaven and Hell are REAL.

and if they ARE real, i REALLY wonder what the POPULATION of each is…and what about the CAPACITY? what do people even DO all day in Heaven? the same shit they were doing here on Earth? play cards? dominoes? shoot hoops? skateboard? read books???

the whole concept of HEAVEN doesn’t add up.

same thing with HELL.

BURN all day?


if you BURN all day, that must mean you have a nervous system to FEEL the burning…and if you have a NERVOUS SYSTEM, that means you have to have a BRAIN. and if you have a BRAIN, then you have to have a circulatory system to supply the brain with BLOOD…oh yeah, that BRAIN needs OXYGEN too in, so go ahead and throw in a CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM while you’re at it


that shit ain’t adding up EITHER WAY I LOOK AT IT


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