layperson music biz info

normally you can find me online schoolin’ cats up about MY take on the music industry.

i post on different websites about issues related to the music biz and i offer useful tidbits of information here and there.

if you knew me on a personal level, i’d probably give you a 360° overview of the music industry – if i thought you needed that information AND if you were interested.

anyways –

here’s a few solid points that people need to keep in mind: (i’ll elaborate on these points in the near future)

1. every offer (CONTRACTUALLY) is different based on the artist, their leverage, his team, his co-signs, timing, situation, & whether or not other labels are bidding (a bidding war), etc

2. This is the music BUSINESS. Only 10%, if that, is about music.

3. you NEED TO BE getting your tracks heard by DJs, publicists, booking agents, media brands, label execs, radio stations, online and print publications – or you’re basically just WASTING YOUR TIME and PLAYING THE ROLE.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST – You do not need a manager until you have too much to handle, and by that time you usually don’t have to look for one:  they will come to you. You shouldn’t hire a manager because you don’t know what to do; step your game up and be ACCOUNTABLE for your success – or lack thereof.


6 thoughts on “layperson music biz info

  1. easy.

    i’m not a businessman, i’m a business, man!

    that is the new secret in a world with no physical product except t-shirts and dj vinyl…

    you have to be a brand, and stack it up.
    keep earning off the value year after year.

  2. well, mack didn’t sign and he is keeping a larger portion i assume.
    he also gets more creative freedom.

    this is just observation, i don’t know his situation.
    but at the federal way hip hop panel, he said basically that same thing.
    now he is salty o’swirl in the goodwill video.
    that shit will get him on the map.

    so the point is to neither sign nor get a manager.
    both of those steps come just like you said.

    so if the key is getting out the message, then get that street team.
    not a bunch of peeps wearing matching t-shirts like a hempfest crew of something,
    but people that can cover every angle.

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