just for the record

you know what T.V. show / sitcom i HATE more than ANY OTHER SHOW I’VE SEEN IN MY LIFE???

fukc that show.

certain ‘entertainment’ is bad for the SOUL…and that show in particular is a GREAT example.


5 thoughts on “just for the record

  1. i wonder what it was like for the viewers of the day.
    in the years it came out…


    it was definitely a different time than now.
    people communicated differently about race.

    thus this show may have been more of a cultural spearhead than we can deduce from seeing it today.

    what are some specific things that rankle you about it?

    • cultural spearhead?

      i disagree.

      this show was BAD for Black people, straight up and down.

      the race-specific DESTRUCTIVE undertones are RAMPANT on that show…so rampant AND blatant that it’s completely REPULSIVE.

      shows like that are BLAXPLOITATION at it’s finest.

  2. what about richard pryor’s records from the same five years?

    some of those perpetrate the same stereotypes,
    but they are heralded as comic genius.

    that niggers crazy
    is it something i said
    bicentennial nigger
    are you serious?

    they all perpetrate restrictive racial models and patterns.

    can these records be called repulsive too?

    • “can these records be called repulsive too?”


      YES. but – it’s on a case-by-case basis.

      each person is going to have specific ‘triggers’ that resonate more negatively with them than others.

      some people (like myself) will reject “Good Times” more than other racially destructive programming…for the next man, he may reject Pryor’s work…so it really just depends on who you ask.

      but at the end of the day, NEGATIVE is NEGATIVE; we all just happen to pick our poisons, so to speak.

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