Hip Hop history = name dropping?

is knowing Hip Hop HISTORY as simple as knowing what burough it originated in and stating a few names?

Grandmaster Flash, Kool Herc, Kurtis Blow, Sugarhill Gang, Run DMC, Whodini, ETC.

in other words, if you want to be considered a knowledgeable Hip Hop FAN or ARTIST, then ALL YOU GOTTA DO IS SAY THE SECRET WORD(s) – the PASSWORD – a few NAMES.

the more names you drop, the more “Hip Hop” you are.


same thing with Black History…just say a few names – the more, the better – and watch your credibility rise; almost instantaneously.

is that what Black historical Hip Hop culture and Black History been reduced to?

just a few NAMES, DATES, and LOCATIONS? (passwords?)


6 thoughts on “Hip Hop history = name dropping?

  1. is this specifically about peeps who just know the names but not those artists’ contributions or works?

    if someone knows the names of those who came before then of course they know the history.
    it’s not hard to learn history, just memorization.

    it doesn’t mean they know where hip hop is going, however,
    that takes a better skill at making calculated guesses.
    ghost in the machine.

    history is easy.
    future is tough.

  2. cats dropping names might know the reason they are dropping the names, no?

    i agree with your point.
    it shouldn’t just be hollow recognition.
    that’s wack.

    what if i meet some dude talkin about herc and bam,
    and the dude knows about their careers etc, then does the dude know some history?
    hard to say, for sure.

    but the opposite is true too,
    if some cat is droppin the wrong names, it’s over.

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