it’s more about the MESSAGE than it is the SONG

that’s the MANTRA.

that’s what’s missing from the game

(and i ain’t talking about just ANY message, i’m talking about a ‘MORAL OF THE STORY’ type of message…something that is actually USEFUL / BENEFICIAL / THOUGHT-PROVOKING; accurate & true.


10 thoughts on “it’s more about the MESSAGE than it is the SONG

    • i never manufactured any physical copies of “2012”…it was STRICTLY instrumentals…and without a commercial demand, i didn’t think that printing cd’s would have been a wise investment.

    • i appreciate your interest…but at the moment, i’m strictly D.I.Y. for the rest of the year…no collaborations or joint-ventures for me; until further notice.

      • what i mean is i just want to have your music, that’s all.
        i’m not a musician myself, just a listener.

        i would totally be happy to volunteer if you need help with anything related to your music career.
        no job is too big or small…

  1. i haven’t released any physical copies of any projects that i’ve done…nor do i plan to.

    the release of physical copies is cost prohibitive and somewhat out-dated.

    thank you for the “help” offer, but i don’t need any assistance at the moment.

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