REAL TALK…pay attention:

“Racism is on the rise more than ever and the black man is becoming slowly an endangered species. Hell if he’s not gay, he’s in jail, If he’s not in jail, He’s dead, and if He’s not dead yet he got a target on his back just for being black. Amerikkka cares about only their own and it is NOT us. God bless this child’s parents because this is something i would NOT even wish on my worst enemy. Black people, I love y’all… my brothers and sisters but we have to take care of each other. There are sooo many other untold stories of murder like this, our children being missing and their names not even mentioned on the news, and young women and girls who disappear and no one but the family and friends bothers to look for. WE NEED TO PROTECT OURSELVES, fuck the money, clothes,cars and other bullshit lets starting looking, loving and helping each other because dammit no one else is NOT EVEN THE PRESIDENT”


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