quoted for truth and genius…

Black kids create and white folks reap the economic benefits. By suddenly inserting white folks into Hip Hop’s early history you in effect down play that imbalance and and the social-economic-political conditions that lead to such one sided conditions. Basically you erase that exploitive picture. Under this scenario of Hip Hop revisionism how can one seriously makes the argument about exploitation when someone can come back and say ‘No, Hip Hop wasn’t just a Black culture-It was multi-cultural.. It was everyone’s culture? Hence if Black folks ain’t having their fair share of the pie the implication is it’s only because they chose not to prosper from Hip Hop or simply were incapable. We never stop and look at who is cutting the pie, distributing the pie nor do we bother to ask how is it that a group of people who can be so creative are not in a position to control what they have created? ‘ Under Hip Hop revisionism we suddenly stop looking at the unyielding influence and overall impact of institutionalized racism.”


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