do your recognize GENIUS when you see it???

Hip-hop in 15 years will be what rock once was. In the beginning of rock, it was all black musicians. Eventually you had a trickle of white artists starting to do it, mostly by bitting black songs, which at that time werent copywritted. Then came elvis(the eminem of rock), who came along and did it so much like the blacks of the era, that all the white folks got happy as hell. Cuz you know they love to see a whiteboy who can move like a blackman. After he blew up, more and more whites started doin it. As the years passed, the black originators faded into the background. Now, generations 40 years later know nothing of the black originators of rock and roll, and most will not beleive you if you tried to tell um. They see rock and roll as the “white ” music,whereas R$B, and Rap are the “black music”(at least for now). Just like rock and roll, hip-hop in 15 to 20 years will be the “white” music. Generations will probably never hear of Rakim, Krs, cool herc, grand master flash etc… They’ll hear about EMINEM, the new Elvis. His popularity has more to do with bein white, than bein that GOOD. Since 75% of hip-hop is bought by White youth, they see him as bein somethin they want to be. He hangs with black folks, he can say the N word, sh!t, he can even call black folks porch monkeys and what not. HE is that “DOWN”. He’s down with DRE, mister NWA who scarred the hell outa white kids back in them days, now Eminem is down with him. My point is, we sold hip-hop to the white’s because they controll all the money. It wasnt enough that it was something that was controlled by us(the originators) and we could vent our problems, and struggles on it. No, we wanted to be rich like the white people we seen. We wanted to drive in the cars they had, and live in the fancy houses they had. The images that were always there to show us that they were “above ” us. So we sold away our creation to white execs because white america controlls all the money. We have to do what they say now. They now controll our creation. They have the power to make Eminem HUGE, and make you forget about Chuck-D(whom im sure white america has no problem forgetting). They have the power to put on every Talentless black hip-hop artist, and make sure that every positive Skillful black artist gets no time. And at the same time, allow Eminem to have the best quality sh!t, and the most shine. So in the end, he will emerge as “the best”. Theres no way you can stop it, this is what 75% of the people buying hip-hop want. It appeals to white peoples inferriority complex. Like i always say, white folks didnt enslave black folks , and destroy the indians because they felt superior, it was because they felt inferior. Only jealousy could cause a people to be so beastly, and hatefull. Sh1t, you can look at the Hyroglifs in Egypt and see that the people were dark brown, but in the movies, their stark white. What blatent jealousy.
Anyway, my point is that hip-hop will be a victum of this same mentality. That is why eminem is now the MOST POPULAR hip-hop artist. That is why guys like Necro, and , get mad when they get excluded from something that was a product of our suffering. A suffering they dont want a part of, andf a history they dont wish to feel any guilt for. So the best way to get rid of any guilt, is to smash anything that black folks do, that brings that suffering and history into their minds. Rock and Roll came from Blues, which was a style that came from slavery, expressing the BLUES felt by the victums. Now rock and roll expressis the views of the pissed off little white kids who’s mommy and daddy didnt get um the bike they wanted for christmans. The slavery roots of rock and roll are gone. And so will the roots of hip-hop. Which originated from the oppression and suffering of the black masses in the ghettos of america. Soon it will be the funny antics of Eminem and how he hates his mommy, and the psychotic thoughts of a necro. The struggle it came from will be forever dead. As well as the Originators.
P.S. no one said whites couldnt do hip-hop. Just that they didnt originate it, which they didnt.”


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