i’m gonna go out on a limb on this one…

i’m gonna say that SEATTLE WEEKLY’s NICK FELDMAN (and co.) made their decision based on what music they felt BEST REPRESENTED SEATTLE / KING COUNTY or, THE “SCENE”…

see, when you ask yourself “WHAT’S THE OVERALL “EMOTION” THAT I FEEL BASED ON THOSE TEN VIDEOS?”, it would be something like, “laid back, relaxed, playful, happy, etc.”; if you catch my drift.

i just think that the Seattle that certain people wish to PRESENT is quite different than the Seattle that some of us live in…

in other words, i don’t think that list is “BALANCED”; i.e., YIN / YANG…

i mean, we see ONE SIDE of the “emotional spectrum” based on the videos chosen, but NOT the other emotional spectrum – or – everything opposite of “laid back, relaxed, playful, happy, etc.”.

now, i clearly understand that this list is supposed to be based on CINEMATOGRAPHY, but i’ll go out on a limb (on my own of course, as always) and say that this list is biased and unbalanced, favoring a certain “angle” of Seattle Hip Hop music that qualifies as the SEATTLE “SOUND”…

and until the SPECIFIC CRITERIA is outlined, it’s 100% fair to say that the list is “HAPPY HEAVY”…

and last time i checked, Seattle, just like any other “big city” has a “good side” and a “bad side”…so why does this list only contain imagery from one side?

anyways, like i said…overall, the list is an INACCURATE REPRESENTATION of what Seattle looks like…as far as BALANCE is concerned…

and just so nobody is confused, i’m mainly saying that the list is UNBALANCED…therefore INACCURATE.


FyLe ForMatz

p.s., so before some of the less respectful members of this site decide to misinterpret what i’m saying and take it out of context, just ask yourself whether or not the list is MORE BALANCED or LESS BALANCED OVERALL…and answer honestly; ALL POLITICS and FAVORITISM aside.

thanks for reading


One thought on “asymmetrical

  1. While I see your position, and I do think it is a little narrow (Where’s the A-Sun?) it’s pretty accurate to the OVERALL PAYING SHOW SUPPORTING demographic. I love that my homie Ripynt is on that list! Blue Scholars only because they rep Seattle, they have a more “Hawaiian/Island rap” sound. I lived in Seattle a few years ago for some years and…well… this list of TOP 10 Seattle Hip Hop sounds about right, but wouldnt have been the same had my husband, Diasporah or ThirdApparatus stayed on that scene!!!

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