just add water…

why is it that SINGLE women expect to find a man that comes PRE-PACKAGED with all the bells and whistles?

if a woman can’t get me to the “next level”,  then why should i even bother??

that’s right…WOMEN, YOU are being GRADED as to whether or not you can even take a man to the next “phase” or not…and that has MORE to do with CHEMISTRY, INVESTING, and VISUALIZING.


LADIES…if you want a man, tell him what you can do FOR HIM and WITH HIM…be clear on that and make sure he’s clear on it too, and you’ll be aiight…

make sure you know where he’s going…and ask him how you can help him to get there…if you’re the “highest bidder” and come with the best “proposal”, he’ll have no good reason to do you “dirty”.

men want a woman who can make him the best man he can be…YOU (ladies) have to support HIS VISION OF HIMSELF…NOT YOUR VISION OF HIM.

if you can flawlessly and efficiently integrate yourself into his plans, everything should work out just fine…and in the process of you helping him, he’ll be helping you…AGAIN, as long as your plans correlate with his.


– FyLez


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